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On 03/31 I accidentally clicked "submit" instead of "go back" causing my credit card to be billed for a room I have no intention of using. I immediately called customer service and spoke with 2 different customer service agents both of whom refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

And both, despite my situation, literally kept reading off of a script repeating the same cancellation policy wording over and over. At no point would either agent deviate from their script or even attempt to help me except for when I asked one agent if she realized I was paying their company for a service not being provided she told me that I should have been more careful.

Unbelievable poor level of customer service especially refusing to allow me to speak to a supervisor. I have filed a complaint with the BBB - will see where this takes me.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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not wishing to rub salt in the wound but by clicking on submit, you agree to the terms and conditions of your purchase. if the hotel is non-refundable, you're out of luck.//''

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