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Looking for a deal as is everyone else. So I figure try naming my own price.

When I finally got the bid to go through I ended up w an older 3 star hotel for $80 a night. Not bad right? As I look into the details I see that I have to pay for parking. OK, $23 a night for valet parking.

I can park my own car, no thank you... $17 to self park. I understand that I am responsible for extras but a place to put the car that brings me to the hotel is not one of them. Customer service agreed it was nuts but all they would do was quote the agreement that states that I'm responsible for any extra fees.

Talked to the manager of Priceline who sounded like a *** Indian schoolgirl. He did not care one bit that I was upset and would not use them again. A two week stay with an extra $17 a day adds up to not a good deal at all. I have started editing some pretty good Priceline sucks pics on my Facebook page.

They didnt care that I did that either and told me the respected my right to do so. Might even start an anti Priceline Facebook page if no one has beat me to it

Monetary Loss: $238.

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