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Priceline is quite clear about the fact that if you use the Name Your Own Price function to book a flight or hotel, then that's non-refundable.On the other hand, if you book a flight and then are offered an upsell car rental, it's not at all clear that booking is non-refundable.

Presumably somewhere in their massive terms and conditions, it's written in small letters. I've never heard of a non-refundable rental car reservation. The fact that they won't refund your money for that - and don't make it clear in advance that they're not going to refund your money - is unconscionable. There are a number of similar services on the market to Priceline.

While I've been a loyal Priceline customer for the last few years, this will be my last experience with them.And I'm going to take as many fellow Priceline customers with me as I can!


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Henderson, Nevada, United States #1283131

yes i agree! i cant even cancel my 300 car rental even a week in advance due to a medical emergency very upsurd!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1232467

I called price-line to cancel a reservation 5 days prior to my flight they told me it was nonrefundable 5 days notice come on get serious I have done this before with other companies and they were more than fair with that much notice I will never use price-line again

Wichita Falls, Texas, United States #1201667

I once booked vacation flights on Priceline for myself and 2 children.Only 2 seats were available on the flight.

Their system went ahead and booked the 2 and charged my card. Of course I could not use them without leaving one child. Priceline would not refund. I finally gave up and just ate the loss which was considerable.

I haven't use Priceline since. I have given most all their competition much business over the years since.

Priceline lost a lot of business and I would never recommend them.

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #1189975

I have been a customer of Priceline for years now and have had a few bad experiences, but not so bad as this one.Southwest Airlines cancelled 600 flights due to a computer glitch.

No fault of my own - and Priceline confirmed that yet still made me pay $200 for a rental vehicle that I couldn't get to.They suck big-time and I will never use them again.


they need to stop hiring robots they provide horrible customer service and can’t think themselves out of a zip lock bag.Priceline provides zero benefit and the price guarantee is ***, should have just gone direct.

I will never ever use their site again and will blast it on every social media I am a part of.If this was a refundable booking I would have cancelled it and given my money to monkeys to play with.


AGREE! Despicable!


Yeah, i selected a 2.5 to 3 star hotel on name your own price and got stuck with the freaking Quality Inn.I'm not a happy camper.

Not sure what their idea of 2.5 to 3 star is but that line is pretty crappy.Of course they were unwilling to fix it.


Agree Priceline will never refund for any reason.They rarely give you the best price, and customer service is a joke.

Morons, probably underpaid, who read from a script.Avoid at all costs.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1026351


Berkeley, California, United States #941099

I stayed in Long Beach for two days at a crack hotel (not mentioned on the site) for 107$ a day and got a receipt that said 193$ - I called for a refund of the difference and they refused.THEN TOLD ME TO WRITE A LETTER TO THEM!

Are you kidding in 2015 I HAVE TO WRITE A LETTER?Priceline sucks.

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