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Priceline is quite clear about the fact that if you use the Name Your Own Price function to book a flight or hotel, then that's non-refundable. On the other hand, if you book a flight and then are offered an upsell car rental, it's not at all clear that booking is non-refundable.

Presumably somewhere in their massive terms and conditions, it's written in small letters. I've never heard of a non-refundable rental car reservation. The fact that they won't refund your money for that - and don't make it clear in advance that they're not going to refund your money - is unconscionable. There are a number of similar services on the market to Priceline.

While I've been a loyal Priceline customer for the last few years, this will be my last experience with them. And I'm going to take as many fellow Priceline customers with me as I can!

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yes i agree! i cant even cancel my 300 car rental even a week in advance due to a medical emergency very upsurd!


I called price-line to cancel a reservation 5 days prior to my flight they told me it was nonrefundable 5 days notice come on get serious I have done this before with other companies and they were more than fair with that much notice I will never use price-line again


I once booked vacation flights on Priceline for myself and 2 children. Only 2 seats were available on the flight.

Their system went ahead and booked the 2 and charged my card. Of course I could not use them without leaving one child. Priceline would not refund. I finally gave up and just ate the loss which was considerable.

I haven't use Priceline since. I have given most all their competition much business over the years since.

Priceline lost a lot of business and I would never recommend them.


I have been a customer of Priceline for years now and have had a few bad experiences, but not so bad as this one. Southwest Airlines cancelled 600 flights due to a computer glitch.

No fault of my own - and Priceline confirmed that yet still made me pay $200 for a rental vehicle that I couldn't get to. They suck big-time and I will never use them again.


they need to stop hiring robots they provide horrible customer service and can’t think themselves out of a zip lock bag. Priceline provides zero benefit and the price guarantee is ***, should have just gone direct.

I will never ever use their site again and will blast it on every social media I am a part of. If this was a refundable booking I would have cancelled it and given my money to monkeys to play with.


AGREE! Despicable!


Yeah, i selected a 2.5 to 3 star hotel on name your own price and got stuck with the freaking Quality Inn. I'm not a happy camper. Not sure what their idea of 2.5 to 3 star is but that line is pretty *** Of course they were unwilling to fix it.


Agree Priceline will never refund for any reason. They rarely give you the best price, and customer service is a joke.

*** probably underpaid, who read from a script. Avoid at all costs.




I stayed in Long Beach for two days at a crack hotel (not mentioned on the site) for 107$ a day and got a receipt that said 193$ - I called for a refund of the difference and they refused. THEN TOLD ME TO WRITE A LETTER TO THEM!

Are you kidding in 2015 I HAVE TO WRITE A LETTER? Priceline sucks.


Horrible Ripoff. paid for a hotel, hotel was 1/2 the price at the front desk because it was a roach motel.

3 and a half stars... no way, never again.


I used Priceline negotiator to book a hotel in Hartford Ct.

Trip had to be canceled and Priceline refused to give me ANY credit...they kept 100% of my Money! I will DEFINITELY NEVER use them again.


Misleading description of hotel led me to a mistake in booking a non-refundable room on line. Searched hotels in Quebec and got booked in Montreal.

Realized within minutes my mistake and asked PL to void. Got the biggest run around between PL and hotel. PL is not user friendly. PL stands for PRETTY LOUSY!

Beware, if you make an honest mistake, PL will make you pay!

No exceptions. Never using them again.


I totally agree. They are a scam and a half.

They are not consumer friendly and the staff are rude and nasty. I vow I would rather pay extra then to ever use this Ponzi scheme site.


Yep. Priceline sucks.

The hotels usually *** and give u a smoking room or if they get a surge of reservations will not honor your Priceline reservation. Also, i did the add a night and was double billed by the Hotel and Priceline. I called them both and they basically ignored me.

Priceline claimed it was my fault because, they claim that the email i got from them did not allo me to add a night which, was bs because i clicked n the button that appeared on their email with my reservation to "add a night". Anywho, i'm going through my bank to get my $ back...F priceline.


Used priceline with the Name Your Own Price function, checked later and i could have gotten the hotel for cheaper just booking from the hotel. So they charged me more money and also i put up w/ the random aspect of picking a hotel they "offered" at a so called significant savings! I'll never use them again.


Same here. Tried to cancel within 5 minutes of making the reservation.

"No I'm sorry no cancellations".

No good faith, no personal business. Just a bunch of brainwashed idiots trained to say NO.


After years of using Priceline with okay success, we have recently been booked into smoking rooms with no recourse other than to pay the hotel more for a non-smoking room. Priceline customer service proved unhelpful either because of their limited ability to speak and understand English or their general indifference. We will never use nor recommend Priceline again.


After checking into this Seattle hotel saturday nov 10 2012 which i booked through This is what i found in my room.

the mattresses were leaned up against the wall covered in blood. there was blood everywhere and the rood smelled like death. Priceline refuses to refund my reservation,. so does the hotel.

Rodeway inn,.... andrew chang the manager informed me that that room has been closed for weeks., and should not have been assigned to me . but no refund can be made available. Sound Fair to you?

Please read the corresponing emails with to see what kind on buisness this really is . Good luck if you book anything through them or stay at the Roeway inn seattle WA.

Dear priceline customer service rep,

There seems to be a a little information left out by Andrew Chang.

Yes, Andrew offered to let us leave, however he did offer to assist us

in finding alternate accommodation and after we spent 1 hour calling

alternate hotels in the area and being repeated told that due to a number of events in the area that all hotels were full, we had NO OPTION but to stay. Andrew was also quite clear that any and ALL refunds would have to be made via Priceline, as all fees (including pricelines commissions) were made via Priceline (not the hotel). While I understand we opted to stay in the hotel, I think you need to respect the fact that we were out of town with no options or alternatives for alternate accommodations.

It does not help that we were unable to reach anyone at priceline to help us find alternate accommodation. Is is pricelines customer policy that guests who are not satisfied with their accommodation be forced to sleep in their car in the winter when no one is there to help relocate them? I understand that many people book rooms through your service and may find their chosen accommodations do not meet their expectations. But I doubt many guests are presented with a room with blood soaked mattresses and blood spray that we are only used to seeing on episodes of CSI or other crime based television shows.

When management of the hotel was questioned about how he could present us with such a filthy, unhygienic and frightening room, the best he could say was. Sorry, that room has been closed for weeks. How can priceline let a hotel that leaves a room with obvious biohazards for weeks at a time??? Because regardless of the fact that the hotel is responsible for this disgusting scene, ultimately, it is Priceline they represent and it will be priceline that we hold ultimately responsible for our experience and we will ensure we share this experience with as many people as possible to ensure no one we know ever uses your service or this hotel again.

In the day of social media, I'm sure you can imagine the interest the pictures of the hotel room and the response from Priceline will generate. We are not asking unreasonable compensation. We trusted priceline to supply us with a clean basic accommodation for a certain cost. A cost we were happy to pay.

What we received was not just a a disappointment in quality, but a complete case of misrepresentation from the hotel and a refusal from priceline to honour your end of the bargain (clean, safe accommodation and an offer to assist or relocate). At this point I have to insist on a full refund for this reservation based on misrepresentation from your company and the hotel. Should priceline refuse to refund the full amount of the reservation, I will seek assistance from my credit card company for reversal of charges and will ensure I share the full details of my experience on every social media site and referral site possible to ensure all future potential Priceline customers know how your company treats clients once the credit charges have been made. I expect this email will be forwarded to a supervisor and someone with the authority to resolve this matter in a timely fashion.

I look forward to your prompt reply Casey Vilensky response from price line customer service Dear Casey/Alex, Thank you for your patience while we researched your issue with the Rodeway Inn North. We apologize that you were unhappy with your hotel accommodations. We evaluate each participating hotel on many different criteria, including cleanliness, guest satisfaction, décor, etc. We are sorry to hear that your hotel fell short of this expectation during your stay.

We have contacted the hotel and spoken with Andrew Chang (Manager). The hotel has apologized for the inconvenience caused. Hotel informed us that they provided you with an option to checkout, the hotel will not be able to offer refund or compensation for this stay. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while resolving this issue.

If you have any questions, we request you to contact the hotel at (206) 367-7880.

Sincerely, Chirag G. Customer Relations Specialist


priceline just kept transferring me ..three times to be exact and the third time after waiting more than 30 minutes on hold i hung up.... NEVER AGAIN :(

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