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Where shall I begin? First after checking in around 4pm we are given a room on the 3rd floor which was under construction and it would have been nice to be informed of that before we found out on our own.

When the elevator doors opened we were overwhelmed with the smell of paint and dust. This was the reason we decided to stay away from home because we just had the interior of our home painted. The hallway floors were completely stripped of carpeting and the cracks in the cement were covered with plaster that was still wet. So after stepping in plaster and rolling our luggage through this mess we arrived at a room that was unclean.

There where stains on the counters and the refrigerator, the mirrors were dirty, and the freezer had loose pieces of ice in it. So we requested a new room which we were granted. So we carry our luggage down to the front desk and the person at the desk states that she did not know about the construction which was odd considering when we returned from the market later there was a large truck and carpet laid out in the main parking lot. So we arrive at our new room which was cleaner but not perfect so we proceed to go to the market to purchase a few things for the evening and also buy some disinfecting wipes.

When we returned my wife stated that there was only one set of towels in the bathroom so I said let me just call and ask for more. Well it would have been that simple if the phone worked! So I walk to the front desk (third time in last 3-4 hours) ask for a set of towels and the guy at the desk says they only have large towels and that the rest were in the laundry and he would have someone bring them and check the phone. So about 8pm not able to get comfortable because I wanted a shower and need towels we hear a knock at the door.

It's the same hotel staff from the desk with a new phone. I inquired about the towels and he said they were still be washed and he would bring some. Never received the towels! So I used the shower and dried off with my wifes towel and after our neighbors settled down after midnight we were able to sleep.

The funny thing is that on your website it states " All Rooms Newly Renovated" We must have not been in the "all" portion of the hotel.

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Priceline guarntees noting. And will post nothing to tell you about construction. A hotel is like an apartment you will hear your neighbors.

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