Sturgis, South Dakota

I have used Priceline in the past and have been pleased with it but now that it has changed it is horrible and I will never use it again. I am used to offers being rejected and upping your price, but with the new web site they reject your offer but the next page says a hotel is willing to accept your offer for a differrent amount--much more.

I did not want to accept "their" price so I tried to continue and all of a sudden was locked in to that higher rate. BEWARE.

Priceline go back to your old system or you will lose lots of customers.

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That happened because you were not cautious. You did not review the contract page before submitting the request.

If only u did, there will be no problem.. :?
Thomasville, Georgia, United States #403628

I agree, Priceline just went downhill. We lost money big time on their "free hotel vouchers" and priceline just told us too bad. Priceline just lost 4 lucrative customers that will never use the site again.


Their airfare name your own is very different now as well. I've been trying to name a price for months and it just won't budge.

It keeps wanting me to travel different dates which I can't and even offers me a price that is over 200.00 more than their published rate if I want to be "flexible"-I just don't get it anymore. Change it back!!

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