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booked with priceline for a room on April 20 2012,we had to cancel or change the reservation.Priceline told us we were out of luck,that they wouldn't change or cancel.and the fee was the room rate $104.00. don't use them.there was no effort on their part to help.So read their policy on cancellation very carefully.Or better yet go to some other site,if not the hotel aaa or any other travel site.

If you use them and you don't read their policy you might be out of a lot of money. Priceline = rip-off

Product or Service Mentioned: Priceline Room Booking.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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Good to know! I was just on there about to book my trip and the rules on the insurance sounded sketchy.

I'm glad I searched google to find this complaint.

Will be going to Hotwire. Thanks!


I know what you mean I made reservations at 5 oclock on Monday and found out the apartments I booked was like the Bate Hotel and tried to cancel Tuesday at 2 oclock now they want to hold 120.00 of mine. Someone needs to put them out of business.


Yeah no ***. Priceline makes it VERY CLEAR about their no refund policy.

That's how they are able to sell hotel rooms for so cheap. Read the fine print next time.

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