Went on price line for the first and last time. Going to Florida for a wk in June bought the tickets then checked Deltas web page was there published price where is the discount could have bought from them and cut out the middle man. I got a resort at main gate in Disney for a wk the ave price for the area was listed as $260 per night so I figured Id try $120 sounded like a good starting point I could always go up got reservation in seconds then proceeded to goto the resorts website to see how good i did to my disbilief i was really ticked when i seen it was 109 so i got dupped for $11 per night for 7 nights i could have really used that extra $77 and bought my son some nice souveniers but i guess i really learned a lesson shame on them and shame on me for thinking a company really would give a rate worth it

Monetary Loss: $77.

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