Garden City, Kansas

My family was moving and decided to spend a night in a hotel rather than unpacking. We made the online reservation and everything went swimmingly.

However, two weeks later we notice a charge for $145 we then looked and saw we had been charged for the night we actually stayed when we called priceline they said we had made two reservations two weeks apart for the same hotel. It was rediculous not only were we charged more the second time we NEVER made the reservation. I tried explaining this and they just kept saying their system said we made the reservation. I was then told the reservation was made by phone 8 minutes after the first reservation was made by computer.

Huh? Seriously why would I call to make a reservation by phone for more money for a hotel six blocks from my new home on a day I wasn't even in the same state! They refused to refund us saying that we should have just stayed there.

I asked why we had not even received email conformation and was put on hold then hung up on. I will never use this again.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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