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I was driving back from a funeral it was 12:04 am I decided that I needed to get a hotel room and continue my trip in the morning. I booked a room at the Ramada Inn downtown Louisville, Ky.

after receiving the confromation I realized the room was reserved for that night rather than when I need it to stop for the night. I called the Ramada and asked if they did indeed have a room at that time and was told they were booked and no rooms were available. I called priceline to cancel the booking at 12:30 am and was told I would have to pay a cancellation penitly for the room I booked 26 mins earlier. The person couldn't understand what I was saying so I asked for a supervisor.

There were no supervisors available in fact they did not have supervisors only customer relations people. The priceline person told me to call around when they would be in 8 hours later. I called the company at 8 am and was put through to a customer relations person who told me I would have to speak to the manager but he would not be in until 11 am. Since I was going to be out of the eastern time zone I asked her what time zone was she in eastern,central, mountain, or pacific.

She could not answer my question but told me to call in 3.5 hours. Come to find out the manager she was refering to was the Ramada in manager. I missed the three and a half time framed because of traffic, but called at 3:00 pm once I was able to stop driving. After speaking to the person at priceline I again was told the manager was not in still not knowing the manager they were talking about was the manager at the Ramada.

I called Priceline one more time when I arriaved home at 5 pm and was told Priceline spoke to the manager of the Ramada and he refused to drop the cancellation fee. I am being charged for the room that I didn't use. If priceline was on the ball or at least told me that I needed to speak to the Ramada Inn manager I could have at least tried to call the hotel earlier to undo the booking.

Priceline's customer services is unbelievably bad. I wish we could sent captian Kirk back to space and put this company out of business.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Houston, Texas, United States #687383

The customer service is unbelievably poor.

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