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I've been reading here all the complaints about priceline, and well.. my complaint is to all those costumers that didnt took 5 min to read "important information". Im a priceline costumer care representative. I've been reading this site for about 3 months now, just to know exactly what people concerns are, but today i received a call that gave me the courage to just go ahead and write this down:

I wasnt even finishing the "thank you for calling costumer care my name is Amy, may i have your full name and request # " when the costumer said in a really bad tone "are you able to handle your job or not?!" and i got confused ... he didnt even told me his name!!!! well i carried on .. since it is MY JOB.. i politely asked "oh sir, of course! by the way how are you sir?" , i just got a " can we skip this part im not interested n having any kind of conversation with you" . I just thought to myself " oh dear!! this guy obviously is having a BIG PROBLEM.. maybe his flight got delayed, maybe he got an accident or a loved one.." NOOOOOOOO!!! the issue was that he wanted to unlock his account!!! I'm not writing his full name here because thank god my parents raised me well and i received a proper EDUCATION. Then i told him "sir, can I place you on hold just for 2 min while I check on your info..." He was unnecessarily RUDE and told me that if I wasn't able to handle my job and if I kept him on hold for more that 2 min, he wanted to speak to my manager ( WE DONT HAVE MANAGERS) so I can get fired. Is this even fair?? Is it??? The call ended well, I helped him out, he was very rude I don't know why, I kept on being polite but inside I was very humiliated, I NEVER EVER could treat anyone not even him the way he treated me.

People: the 20% of the costumers are actually VERY NICE the other 80% ARE NOT , of that 80% the 90% don't read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION and just type their initials on their contract page so smoothly. So my advice to all the people that purchase via internet (not just n Priceline) would be to READ all the info , big letters, regular letters, RED letters, all!!!!! If you're taking the time of booking and purchasing, take your own time and read WHAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO PURCHASE. And if someday you need to call costumer care, please realize that we are people and our job is to HELP YOU ruled by the policies (the same you have to read and sign). Also remember that WE DONT MAKE THE POLICIES , we have to stick to em , it's our job, we have family to support, we have bills to pay, we actually understand you, but sometimes we're just not able to help you, and that's not because we dont want to , it's because we can't. Honestly our job would be more easier if we only say "yes" to people all the time, we wouldn't received threats nor swears, so if we say "Im so sorry, im not able to do anything for you because the policies said that your reservation is non changeable non cancellable" it's because we tried our best to give you the best resolution, but the POLICIES that u initialed or signed at the beginning say exactly that the product is non changeable or cancelable.

That's all. Thank you for time.

amy robinson.

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Grammar police shut up! Amy sorry about your negative experience.I trust no company that employees individuals who refuse to give their nae when asked for "point of reference"by a consumer. There are too many individuals lacking proper customer service skills, and the company does not seem to think that this is important!When they start to lose consumers or receive bad press maybe they will get a clue.


Don't worry Amy... you won't have to listen to customers or costumers much longer. At this rate PRICELINE will go out of business.

To all customers and potential customers... DO NOT USE PRICELINE under any circumstances, you will eventually be ripped off.

Everyone who has had a bad experience with PRICELINE add a signature line to all emails you send so that your Friends, Family, and Colleagues may be effectively warned of the risk and hazards of using PRICELINE.


Im with you on this, as I am a click to chat rep for hotel reservations. The fine print is plain as day in the Important Information section of Trip Summary page prior to booking. For all customers reading this:

This is from the terms and conditions on their site prior to entering in credit card info:

If priceline accepts your price, priceline will book your reservation in a property with an equal or higher star level than you requested. Please note it is possible that the hotel you are booked in could be a Resort, which will meet or exceed the minimum qualifications of the star level you initially requested. The hotel that is selected may or may not be one that you have seen during a hotel search on priceline. Any sorting or filtering options previously used will not apply to this Name Your Own Price request. Priceline will immediately charge your credit card the total cost of your stay. Rooms purchased through priceline cannot be cancelled, changed or transferred and refunds are not allowed. If your offer is not accepted, your credit card will not be charged.

All rooms will accommodate up to 2 adults. Requests for bed types (King, Queen, 2 Doubles, etc.) or other special needs (including preferences for smoking or non-smoking rooms) should be requested through your confirmed hotel and cannot be guaranteed.

The reservation holder must present a valid photo ID and credit card at check-in. The credit card is required for any additional hotel specific service fees or incidental charges or fees that may be charged by the hotel to the customer at checkout. These charges may be mandatory (e.g., resort fees) or optional (parking, phone calls or minibar charges) and are not included in your offer price.

(Prior to booking, but after you enter in credit card info):

If we accept your offer, we'll immediately charge the credit card you provide to us. Please note, you will not be provided with a list of hotel options. Please remember, once you click "Buy My Hotel Room" your request can not be changed, cancelled, or transferred and refunds are not allowed.


Costumes are my profession and I was curious how there would be a post aimed at me on a Priceline reviews site!


Or it's "customers." But it's definitely not "costumers."

@Amyrobinson: I'm sorry you sometimes have rude customers, but remember -- you work for a company that's one of many who routinely *** people off. So, unfortunately, as a representative of such a company, you're sometimes going to be the recipient of their frustrations. I'm not glorifying it; i'm not justifying it. I'm saying it's human nature. If priceline *** me off, and I have to waste my time calling customer service (not to mention waiting an eternity to speak to someone), you can bet I'm going to be in a bad mood by the time the representative answers.

In an attempt to mitigate the frustration, I typically say something like, "I realize this isn't your fault personally, but..." However, then, when you read from your "scripts" and give us canned responses that don't feel like "normal" conversation, that makes it even worse.

I'm sure some customers are over-the-top, and I'm not excusing them. But hey, if your company didn't do such *** or unfair things, people wouldn't be pissed off in the first place.

Also, as bad as it is for a customer to be angry, right off the bat, a reply like "By the way, how are you, sir?" is NOT going to make anything better. That would *** me off even more. I realize you're trying to diffuse the situation, but that is simply NOT the way to do it. That's essentially "changing the subject." It's patronizing and insulting. If your instructions tell you to say that, the person who wrote the instructions is a complete ***.

Instead, keep calm and say something like, "OK, sir. I want to resolve this for you. How can I help?" Stick to the subject, and get down to business. Don't ask the customer how he is! For pete's sake -- can't you already *tell* how he is?!

Finally, you keep going on and on about customers "reading," but you've given no context to your comments, so I have no clue what you're talking about. I gather some complaints are about procedures that are explained on the web site. But it's pointless for you to tell people, here, to generically "read" without explaining *what* they've been missing by not reading.

Regardless, "reading" has absolutely NOTHING to do with the complaint I made, here. Your company spammed me repeatedly -- even weeks after the trip had passed (per the dates that I ENTERED). The spam had NO unsubscribe links (constituting the first insult), and when I called, waited to speak with a representative, and asked him or her to stop the spam, I was told he/she was "unable to do so."

NEWS FLASH: Those are the kinds of COMPLETE LIES that make customers angry. Computers do what people tell them to do. You may not personally have a "stop spam" button, but the COMPANY certainly should. And if they don't provide you with such tools, we as customers have every right to be angry -- and we *will*.

So, if you're sick of angry customers, and you want a better experience, go work for a better company.


Well Amy: As you know the policy's and guidelines are often kept where you can read them if you want to but you may have to take some time to find them... Some internet companies don't want you to read the fact that they can rip you off if you don't read the Fine Print.

You company does that. I almost fell for the "Name Your Own Price" until I found this site.

Thanks but no thanks. I'll be paying full price at the airline today....


It's consumer. Not costumer.

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