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So where to begin.... First of all we booked our tickets they took our money and sent our conformation email and we thought great all done...

Well my gf then decided to check the day before our seats were together. She finds out that united has never even heard of me. So we find out even though they took our money they forgot that whole get me on the flight part.

Hmmm seems like kind of a big step to miss. We call and they couldn't have been worse on the phone.

I wish Scotty was there to beam me up to that call center to put a foot in someones area. They offered to fly me out on alternative date fr FREE. Wow so you mean after you messed up my whole ticket you'll fix it for free how amazing!!!! I talked to a supervisor and apparently I got all the way to the CEO cause he said he was the highest person there.

What an embarrasssment not only themselves but the human race in general. They then wanted to fix the ticket by charging us an additional 2000 dollars with no authoraztion or anything. So I'm now 2980 in the hole for a roundtrip ticket from San Francisco to boston.... I beg anyone considering using Priceline to run and run fast.

I'd like to point out that we found out how amazing united has been.

They fixed everything asap. I wouldn't spit on Priceline if they were on fire...

Review about: Priceline Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $2980.

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DELTA wouldn't have helped you a bit! I won't be flying DELTA or using PRICELINE again.

To all customers and potential customers... DO NOT USE PRICELINE under any circumstances, you will eventually be ripped off.

Everyone who has had a bad experience with PRICELINE add a signature line to all emails you send so that your Friends, Family, and Colleagues may be effectively warned of the risk and hazards of using PRICELINE.

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