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The WORST WORST company to ever do business with. Never again BEWARE!!

I booked a Mediterranean cruise with airfare and hotel stays for 6 people.

First the flight to Europe was with Delta airlines which was great, great customer service great flight. ( This was our second trip- last year we booked with Expedia which was also very easy to work with).

The first issue Priceline changed the carrier from Delta to Air France and we went from upgraded comfortable seats on Delta to the last row by the bathrooms on Air France. Now l dont know of any worse seats then the back row on a 10 1/2 hour flight right next to the bathrooms.

Trying to get some help with Priceline takes an act of God. Nobody speaks English and they get all offended when you ask them to repeat what they say.

Not only is a language issue you cant hear them!

When you call for customer service for help everybody says thats not my department and transfers you to someone else. I seriously have spoken to 22 people and still do not have our issue resolved.

William Shatner are you listening?!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Priceline Customer Care.

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