I bought airline tickets on Priceline.com from Boston to Miami and noticed as soon as I hit send, a typo in my name. I couldn't go back to the previous screen to correct it and started contacting customer service which as you know is practically non existent.

Numerous attempts at having a customer service experience that in any way was satisfactory to the customer has simply not happened. The last call was the last straw.

A fee to reissue a ticket -- no change in reservation, simply adding an "a" in my last name. I'm tweeting my disgust.

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How is this a Priceline problem? You obviously could take your time to review your order before you got click happy.

Your mistake, own it. Did Priceline misspell your name?


You made the mistake. They were nice enough to fix it for you for a fee.

They could have denied you any help in changing the ticket name. This was your fault.

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