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I wish I had read this forum before using Priceline yesterday. I had the SAME experience that so many thers have had. Asked for a hotel in a certain area of NYC and got one on the opposite side of the city I requested!

The "supervisor" I was finally connected to was SO RUDE it was unreal. They obviously don't care about customer service. He told me I could rebook at the Name Your Price section and they'd charge me $25 to change. When I asked him if I could just go on their regularly priced list, he told me I could ONLY go through the Name Your Price feature again. I asked him what would happen if they again assigned me a hotel in the wrong location. He then said that I must have hit the wrong selection. When I told him I didn't he then went on to tell me that some of their hotels overlapped into other areas and that I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED AT THE MAP! When I told him I'd lived in NYC before and knew the difference between the East side from the West side - he gave his "thank you for calling" spiel and hung up on me.

So I calmed down and called again. After I told them I was going to dispute my credit card, they told me I could rebook using their "retail" area and that I would only be charged a $25 change fee. I went ahead and did it in the hotel of my choice, which I could have done thru Expedia or Orbitz for about the same price.

THEN - to top it all off - later that afternoon I found out that I could stay an extra day. I called Priceline to see if I could just add one, and they told me I COULDN'T. I had to go through the whole change process and pay ANOTHER $25 in fees. They said if I just booked through them for one more night, I might have to change rooms for that last night.

I ended up calling the hotel directly. It cost me $40 more than the Priceline price, but the kind and intelligent individual at the hotel's front desk assured me that he would do his best to keep me in the same room. I believe him!

I will NEVER EVER EVER use Priceline again and will post on every forum I can find about my experience.

I will also be disputing the $25 charge for changing my hotel since it was their mistake that put me into the wrong area in the first place.

Sorry for ranting - but I have never had such poor customer service and been baited and switched like that before.

William Shatner, you should beam outta there....
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