As a first time customer, I was excited to use Priceline to get a discount on my hotel room.

I placed a bid for a room for my family of 4, only to found out later that the room had only ONE queen-sized bed. I called the hotel and they changed it to a king-sized, however that still wasn't suitable, as our family of 4 includes two 18+ sisters who don't want to have to sleep with their parents on a king-sized bed.

I called Priceline and they had the hotel put 2 double beds in the reservation, but they tacked on another $30 per night, coming out to $180 in total. I had to accept this offer because they don't give refunds, but this is simply unacceptable.

I had to pay an extra $180 for something I should've had to begin with -- two beds in a room for 4 people.

After reading similar stories from others online, I can't help but think Priceline and the hotel partners are completely aware of this and continue to do it on purpose to rip people off.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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