There are three couples traveling together. When we booked our vacation to Hawaii we were advised they were having a promotion and we would receive up to 4 nights free hotel up to $320.00/ $80.00 per night.

The coupon codes would be received three weeks prior to our cruise. I called back, after thinking about it to see if we would be guaranteed a room in the same hotel. I was told "yes" by three different people from Priceline during three different conversations . Now that the coupon codes have been received, upon following the instructions I received in the past, I called, only to be advised there is no way for them to guarantee us the same hotel.

Furthermore, I dealt with a condescending employee/supervisor who tried to blame me for not asking the right questions about the promotion. I suggested that when couples were booking travel together, they might want to advise that the promotion does not guarantee they would be in the same hotel. His response..." We would have no way to know that the people would want to be together, just because they are traveling together.

They may want to be in a different hotel so why would we mention that." After 3 hours of going around and around, I did give up as my head was pounding and I was sick to my stomach from being basically advised that it was our fault. All I can say is buyer beware.

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