My first time using Priceline and I am seriously disappointed. So disappointed I am telling all my friends to not even BOTHER with the 'name your price' service.

What I wanted was a hotel room for one night at the beach in the Virginia Beach area. What I got was a room at the Doubletree Hotel Virginia Beach (8 BLOCKS AWAY) at $198.61 a night. Funny thing is according to Doubletree's hotel webpage I can get the same room for $169.37. According to Hotwire I can book the same room for the same dates at $149.00 per room.

Why is this hotel listed as "Virginia Beach Area" when I can't even see the beach from the hotel? ALSO why did Priceline.com allow a hotel to accept a bid that was over their advertised rate (according to their Doubletree website) and the why did Priceline.com allow them to rip me off?

I called Priceline.com’s customer service line and explained my circumstances. According to their representatives they couldn't do anything for me accept refund a measly $16.00. Fantastic - I just paid more than full price for the room, nowhere near the beach, way to go Priceline.com!

I'm telling everybody you are a big rip-off.

Oh but it gets better, out of curiosity I called the Doubletree hotel reservation line and asked how much the exact same thing would cost through them. Imagine my surprise to discover that IT WAS EVEN CHEAPER!! The nice operator told me that occasionally they will offer lower prices since a block of rooms are out there on the internet listed at a lower price so if they are available and you know about them the reservation agent will sell them to you. So this begs the question . . .WHY USE PRICELINE.COM?!?

I spoke to another Doubletree representative and she confirmed that I actually PAID more in booking fees because I went through Priceline.com . If I went directly through her I would only pay 169.37 for a non-smoking room, King size bed, per night. Priceline.com’s rate was 198.61 which is a difference of 29.24. She also commented that Priceline.com adds service fees and an additional occupant fee. Offering me a measly $16.00 for the difference in light of this information is downright insulting. Again, what a RIP-OFF!

So I decided to call and discuss Priceline.com dropping their additional fees and other frivolous charges to which they replied that they couldn’t due to contracts they had in place with the hotels. This strikes me as a load of pre-canned malarkey.

I asked “Ronnie”who has the discretion to make changes and she said “no one”. I asked if I could speak to a shift manager and she said that it wouldn’t matter since the shift manager would tell me the same information. Ronnie wasn’t going to budge. I was stuck with a paltry $16.00 dollar refund.

I guess the lesson learned is;

PriceLine.com- slick advertisement, big promises of 10% to 50% off hotel room prices, stonewalling customer care, frivolous additional charges and to top it all off. . .you’re paying rack room prices with additional fees.


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Listen to George. To get a great deal on hotels, you need to do your research.

I have been using Priceline for over 9 years and love it. I've saved a ton of money. I told all my friend about it and show them step by step in getting the best deal, but are not willing to do the leg work.

If you are too lazy, you deserve to over pay for the hotel. Do not blame someone else for your laziness.


Let me get this straight - you bid more than the advertised price and you are mad at Priceline for accepting it? Let me guess, you voted for Obama during the last election and think Priceline, like the nanny state, should look out for people like you and refuse people who are willing to pay more for something than it's worth?

Give me a break...and slowly back away from your keyboard.


1. Priceline has maps showing the zones you are bidding on. Look at them. If ANY area of the zone is unacceptable to you, don't bid.

2. Look at betterbidding.com or biddingfortravel.com to see what other people have bid for the same area/star level. Priceline has a winner's board, but the bids are inflated.

3. I have booked many, many hotel rooms with Priceline, and am typically happy. My problem is that there is wide variance in their three-star hotels. There are some Holiday Inns listed as 3-stars that are absolute dumps. However, if you bid four stars, you are pretty much assured of an ok place.

4. Sorry to say it, but if you bid more than the room is worth, that means you didn't do your research. It's not priceline's fault. I'm surprised that they gave you any money back at all. Priceline is utterly inflexible, but if you do your research, bid strategically, and make no mistakes on your booking dates, it can save you a lot of money.


I agree with Jon. I've used Priceline many time, with GREAT results.

I usually save 50% off the highest advertised price listed ANYWHERE. However- you must do some homework. You clearly bid too high. Is that Priceline's fault?


Check rates first, then start bidding at half the lowest rate, for the given star level hotels in that zone. If you can understand this- YOU save big money, everytime.


Overall I've had very good luck with Priceline. Usually I end up spending $40-$50/night for 2.5-3 star hotels, maybe a little more in places like Chicago.

When you are willing to spend $200/night to not know where exaclty you are staying, you are clearly bidding too high.

Buyer beware. Do your homework, and priceline will work well.

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