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I recently tried priceline.com to rent a car -- without success. No big deal. Subsequently I changed my mind and decided not to travel that week at all.

Now, every couple of days, I get *spam* from priceline, asking "Still need a rental car in San Jose?" The dates for the trip have passed! Yet, priceline continues to spam me, asking "Still need a rental car in San Jose?"

- I looked at the bottom of those email messages for an unsubscribe link -- but there's none.

- I logged on to my account to change my email preferences -- but there's no way to do so.

- I wrote priceline "customer service," asking how to stop the email request, and they replied:

"We are unable to stop this emails manually. These are sent automatically by our system. If you would not like to resubmit, just ignore them."

I replied:

"Your reply is both UNTRUE and INSULTING. The system is *programmed* by humans! It can be *programmed* to stop bombarding me with spam. It can be *programmed* to include an unsubscribe link. It can be *programmed* to do *anything! These messages are SPAM. if you refuse to stop them, you've lost a customer forever."

- The messages continued, so I wrote customer service again, asking for my account to be deleted. They replied:

"Your profile has been removed upon your request."

But guess what? The SPAM CONTINUES!! The dates of the trip have passed, and I no longer have any plans to travel to San Jose, yet priceline continues to nag me with "Still need a rental car in San Jose?" -- AND THERE'S NO WAY TO STOP THEM. NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. They maintain that if I don't want the email messages, I should just "ignore" them.

Nice, huh?

These people are worse than ***. AVOID PRICELINE AT ALL COST.

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I use AOL and mapquest . I can't navigate the map without a steady stream of pop-ups


This may not help you out now, but in the future, get yourself a domain name like "joesmith.com". It's about $10 a year to keep.

Set up the emails to have a "catch all" so that anything@joesmith.com will still come to your email inbox.

Then whenever you go to a different site, register/use that email. For example, priceline@joesmith.com or yahoo@joesmith.com or bankofamerica@joesmith.com, etc.

When you start getting the offensive emails, and there's no way to unsubscribe, simply go into your filters and filter out anything addressed to: priceline@.

I have been doing that for many years and it works great. Not only that, but say priceline decided to sell your email address to someone else? And then they sold it to someone and on and on.

This not only allows you a way to shut it off, but it also gives you proof that the company sold or leaked your email address. You'd be surprised how many times this has happened!


Yes. I eventually created a Mail "rule" (the Mac equivalent of a "filter") to ignore Priceline's email.

I'm glad you have a solution that works for you, but for the benefit of other readers, it's not necessary to purchase a special domain just for that — if, in the end, the solution is a mail filter or rule.

As long one's email application supports filters/rules, the same can be accomplished with one's primary address. :-)


I try to block it in Yahoo mail. It does not work.

I think that Yahoo is a part of the Scam.

Will help You. Will never rent through Priceline again.


I want Priceline out of my life, but there seem to be no civil way of doing it. I have two suggestions:

1. Contact ACLU - American Civil Right Union or other consumer protection agencies.

2. Group together and take a class action.

3. Last resort: recruit hacker to invade their system after due report and clearance from the police.

What do you think?


I have the same problem.


I had the same problem and just went to my profile page and provided a phoney email...that's my way of ignoring them.

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