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I have used priceline in the past with good results. Until todays visit anyways.

I needed to book a hotel for next month. I found one I like, the priceline page said "PAY LATER" and "FREE CANCELLATION" which are two reasons I use Priceline. Rarely my plans change but I always prefer to pay AT the hotel on the day I arrive. Well, upon submitting my reservation I received an immediate mobile notification from my credit card that I was charged $229 from Priceline (so much for pay later) and I received an email from priceline confirming my reservation AND that the room was booked and cancellation was prohibited.

Really? Talk about the ole bait and switch.

I have launched a site at in hopes of filing a class action suit regarding their deceptive and fraudulent practice. Enough is enough.

Product or Service Mentioned: Priceline Room Booking.

Reason of review: False and deceptive advertising.

Preferred solution: to stop being lied to. I was lead to believe I would be able to cancel AND that I would pay at the hotel the day of the stay, both LIES!.

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I booked a hotel that was supposed to be 4 stars. Priceline describes it as a hyatt, Westin or Kimpton.

I get here and the hotel is like a days in at best . Max 2 1/2 stars.

I call and they wont refund me. Can take them to court ?


It’s happed to me also I took pictures of the website showing free cancellation on 2 pages and in large letters than very last sentence very small print no cancellation


We booked and paid for a Double bed room on the first floor as I am handicapped and cannot do stairs. The Garden Inn in Birmingham AL showed a nice picture and said there was a pool.

Upon arrival we were told “they only room available was a single bed, upstairs and they had not had a pool in years”. We had a printed copy of the reservation and showed it to Sheree and she really did not care so my daughter called Priceline they too did not care that I was handicapped and unable to get upstairs. We were on the phone with Priceline in the lobby for approximately an hour. Sheree finally told us about the back ramp the housekeepers use so we relented and said we would stay.

On the way to our room some guy was smoking *** on the landing and when we opened the door to our room the smoke detector was beeping, it was abt. 100 degrees so we called Sheree and she told my daughter there was no maintenance there and she could just stand on the bed and take it down! We turned on the A/C which sputtered but put out very little cold air...again we called Priceline and were passed onto several senior agents who gave no f*#cks that we were in a CRACK MOTEL!!! It was horrible!!!

All I wanted was to get my daughter, grand daughter and myself out of there...”supervisor James” refused to help us! At 3am after a 5 hr. drive with a sleepy hot miserable ten year old we left for the air conditioning in our car. After calling around we found a great room at Comfort Inn...which cost us $209 but Priceline refuses to credit us what we paid them!!!

Anyone else frauded by them??? We need a class action suit...I have called a local attorney but does anyone know of any already established???

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1214721

Count me in to the consumer advocacy about false advertising. The "sold" a 3 1/2 star equivalent hotel similar to a Marriott, Hilton, etc.

and booked me a Best Western.

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