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I've done research on their web site. There is no way a consumer can find out about their policies until you committ.

That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time. I can't even find their polieis as a consumer checking them out. We have an excellent opportunity to put them out of business.

I think Priceline doesn't care until a group of us gets together and targets them as they do us individually. I will check this site again and if there people willing to put the time in i will as well.

Thanks - Wayne

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So, because I am dumb, Priceline has the right to take advantage of me?? You obviously spend a lot of time traveling and you are well informed with the different ways of saying money in your travels.

You are not a voice of reason, you are obviously a employee.

You may want to mention to your marketing dept. that they should mention the caveat during one of their commercials.

"You have to be smart to save money with Priceline"


My last trip to DC was a nightmare because of the bad service provided by priceline. it was a hot day and several places in DC lost the electricity.

Fortunately, the Comfort Inn at Tysons Corner was still open where i should had a room reserved through priceline about a month ago. Surprisingly, when i went to the hotel, the front desk told me that my reservation was not in their computer system and there was no room available. So i called priceline. After hours long "wait and talk", they told me a room at the Best Western Inn at Falls Church had been booked for me.

So i took a cab, went to the second hotel and found out that the Best Western Inn was actually closed due to the lack of electricity. It was a terrible experience with priceline!


Those that vilify others and claim others do 'not read the fine print' miss the bigger point. In my case I read the fine print and

booked a trip to Chicago to find out later in the day I was unable to make the trip due to having to care for my mother.


'contract' and 'policy' is probably illegal and would not survive judicial scrutiny as it is patently unfair on its face.. In order for a contract to be valid and enforceable, both parties must provide 'performance'. I booked this morning, paid $483.00 (my performance) and had to cancel this evening. There has been no performance of any kind on Priceline's part.

They provided no service, no product, nothing. The only thing they did was take my money. My actions cost Priceline zero dollars and zero effort. They claim it is 'their policy' to keep my money ($483.75) and it just sucks to be me simply because my mother is not dying, not under doctors care, nor hospitalized.

I purchased the insurance policy as well ($22.00). Same story, it is 'their policy' to keep my money for the very same reasons. These are some miserable pukes with no business sense, compassion, or fair business 'policies' or practices. I hope they get byte rot.

This is like my saying 'if you enter my store wearing a red hat, it is my policy you must pay me $1,000, no matter how unfair that may be and no matter how small of print I may notify you of my policy.

It's my policy. A contract law judge would strike down 'my policy' so quickly it would make my head swim.

Mario S

I didn't even know I had a car rental reservation with them. What a scam.

No refund obviously. I rented a car for 186 through Hertz and PriceLine charged my credit card for 235.74.

SCAM. I want IN on legal action.

Stacey J

Count me in!!! I am so frustrated with Priceline.

They should be closed down for there practice. Name your own price is a totel joke!!! Use to be a couple years ago great. But now just a scam.

Last couple time i used it was very disapointed in what I got aand could have got it for less paying at the front desk when I checked in. On both occasions. There fees on top of it are more than just taxes there additonal non-dsclosed fees. I wold love to sue them for having to stay in a 2 star hotel when I paid for a 3 and was over charged by 25 a night on top of it.

And the b bonus cash they give you. Is even a bigger joke.

Please stay away form Price Line the bst travel advise you will ever get. They dont do any refunds or assist in anyway in trying to make it right.

@Stacey J

Same thing happen to me ...and yes a few years ago name your own price was good now its exactly the way you wrote it :(


I have an attorney who is advising me, but I will file it pro se. If anyone wants to join me, we can split costs.

Filing fee and what ever discovery will cost.

No attorneys' fees! There is strength in numbers!


Count me in! You must have been reading my mind.

My father made a 4-day hotel reservations on Priceline. Unfortunately he canceled his reservations the same day due to my mother being ill.

Even though my father sent documentation to priceline verifying my mother's illness priceline still refused to give my father a refund for the remaining 3 days of his hotel reservation. What is ironic is that this company has received a seal from the BBB.


I know you posted about six months ago but if it's not too late to join you count me in!


I booked a hotel in South San Francisco then an add pops up "rent a car for $20 a day" sounded like a great deal but only after clicking ok did I discover the car rental was for San Jose. Tried to change but got the runaround.

Actually it is a brilliant scam. Free money for them.


Does anyone have any information about a class action lawsuit against Priceline? They have charged my bank card from 2 seperate banks fraudulently and refuse to credit my money back.

Someone booked a flight under their own name, and these charges were not made by me or under my name and they still refuse to credit my money.

My bank cannot do anything becuase Priceline will not supply them with any information. I am looking to sue Priceline publicly so people are aware of the fraud and scam that this company performs when you pay with your credit/debit card.


Count me in, I'm doing the same! Have you tried to cancel the charges through your credit card company?


The price guarantee on Priceline is worthless and folks should be aware they cannot get a refund nor any satisfaction from the custome Dis-Service. It seems the biiger they get the worse they treat their customers...I am out of pocket by $500 on a 9 night hotel booking that I found cheaper on the hotels own website


I had the worst customer service every experienced. My fiancée and I booked a flight from PHL to LAX.

Arrival time was changed to 5 hours later, we tried getting a refund, and they would not issue claiming they can only issue a refund if substantial changes have been made to the departure time nothing.with arrival. No satisfaction whatsoever, I will be writing a letter to the SR.

VP of customer service and operations(1800 Connecticut Ave. Norwalk, CT 06854, phone number 203-299-8000) expression my dissatisfaction in the customer service I received.


@Derek : did you get anywhere if you wrote to the company

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