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I've done research on their web site. There is no way a consumer can find out about their policies until you committ.

That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time. I can't even find their polieis as a consumer checking them out. We have an excellent opportunity to put them out of business.

I think Priceline doesn't care until a group of us gets together and targets them as they do us individually. I will check this site again and if there people willing to put the time in i will as well.

Thanks - Wayne

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If you call yourself a lady, act like one. Find another past time and stop criticizing people.





Did you confirm the wrong information that YOU supplied????


their customer service is a call center in India.


Rental car did not have fee breakdown and they charged $29 more than other sites for the same car, location and dates. response from Priceline below.... we should sue. As per Priceline letter below there is no information on taxes and fees for car rentals on their website nor on their FAQ,


We apologize; however, our system does not display a breakdown of the

taxes and services fees of your rental car reservation booked for


Rental car taxes, fees, and surcharges vary by the location where the

car is picked up. Priceline pays these charges to the rental car


In connection with facilitating your rental car transaction, we will

charge your debit or credit card, in addition to the price per day, a

charge for Taxes and Fees (an amount that will always be disclosed to

you before you elect to proceed). This charge includes an amount to

recover the amount we pay to the rental car supplier in connection with

your reservation for taxes, fees and surcharges owed by the rental car

supplier including, without limitation, sales and use tax, excise tax,

value added tax, airport or facility taxes, surcharges or fees and/or

other similar taxes, surcharges or fees. The amount of this charge is

intended by us to be sufficient to cover the maximum amount we may be

required to pay to a rental car supplier, and may be greater or less

than the amount we actually pay the rental car supplier in connection

with your reservation for taxes, fees and surcharges. The balance of the

charge for Taxes and Fees is a fee which we retain as part of the

compensation for our services and to cover the costs of your

reservation, including, for example, customer service costs and

additional fees which may be charged from time to time by the rental car

suppliers. The charge for Taxes and Fees varies based on a number of

factors, including, without limitation, the amount you pay to priceline

and the location at which you will pick-up your car from the rental car


For more information about the taxes and fees associated with rental car

reservations, please review the "frequently asked questions" link under

our Help section on our home page. Select “Rental Cars” from the Product

menu and type in the key words: "taxes and fees.”


they ripped me off for 845.14!!!!!!!! cutomer service is a joke my agent was barbra, no last name or cutomer service number, just barbra.

what a bunch of ***. no managers either.

how do they get away with this. :(


Even I faced this problem with Priceline, @wayne please let me know if you have a group to sue them.


Take a screen shot of each page you view. I would be willing to join a class action suit.

They totally ripped me off this weekend.

Their practices are deceptive and customer service is bogus. The guy "Brandon" said "We don't have a supervisor" when I called to dispute a charge!!!


Priceline ripped me off as well and I want in on the class action


Let take a class action against them. We need to start a site.

Someone can contact me if they want to. so we can take it to the next suit.


They are clearly running a muck. I agree some services may be great, buts it got to be illegal what they are doing.

I asked several occasions to speak to someone in america.

they said you can only write. Im working on the lawsuit!


I've used PRiceline in the past - they socked me with taxes, but I was satisfied with the price and make of the car I rented. Thus I decided to try them again.

My first two bids were declined, so I was attempting to go back to the bid page, but received a "Congratulations! Your bid was accepted." The problem is that the bid was their suggested price - not my bid. I called and wrote to the company to complain about this. I kept telling them that it was not my intention to bid that amount.

I would honor anything that Ii agreed upon, but this was not my bid. Everyone I spoke to kept saying that I had submitted my credit card information and had clicked the Agree/Accept box, so my fees were non-refundable. They just kept ignoring what I was saying. Next I asked them about class action suits.

I got a different response. Now they say they are "looking in to it." I had to go ahead and take the car, since I was being charged for it anyway.

I did not have any problem with the car; but I do have a problem with the price. I am interested ina class action suit.


The exact same thing happened to me three day's ago. I've found other people claiming the same thing which is a relief because priceline keeps repeating the same *** to me which is "I'm sorry sir you accepted the charges" but I did not. I'm looking into getting a class action lawsuit against them and if I can't I'm so pissed off that I'm going to do it myself and subpoena their computer records in their IT department to see if they run a program on their website that clicks on the accept button even though you reject the higher price.

I'm not the type of person to weasel out of an obligation so I find it particularly insulting when these people that I can't even understand state that I accepted the charges and try to imply that I'm just trying to get out of it because I don't want to pay!!! I haven't been this pissed off in a long time.

It's not the amount of money but the principal of the matter. If you're interested in joining me on suing them, I'm looking for people who bid a lower price than what showed up on the page that says congratulations we have accepted your bid.


By the way, I'm a professional musician and while I'm waiting for a court date I'm thinking about writing a song and putting it on youtube in hopes that it will go viral so that priceline will be forced to respond. I heard a guy did that to one of the airlines when they lost his luggage so hopefully it will work for me. If anybody else is a musician and has already beat me to it let me know so that I can tell people to go to the video so we could add as many views as possible.


We are so upset with! Wanted to get away for a couple of days and decided to try pricelines "name your price deal" checked off the boxes for Newport Beach and Laguna Beach CA and lo and behold.

A room was booked. Problem is that it is on Macarthur blvd in the middle of Irvine! That is 2 cities away from Newport beach and is a busy office district. It is not even close to Newport Beach which is what the checkbox was labled.

Called the hotel and they said this happens a lot but there is nothing they can do. We have used them successfully in the past but this experience has been appalling and eye opening. Their customer service is beyond awful. They keep harping on that the hotel is in the shaded area of the tiny map.

Well my counterpoint is that the map is incorrectly labled and is being labeled an area which it is not. They would not even credit the amount to be used at another location which costs more. Clearly this is done deliberately. The area we are booked is fine for business travelers but is not a lesure destination by any stretch of the imagination.

If they labeled it correctly I am sure many business travelers would choose to stay in the Irvine/Costa Mesa area. Certainly no leisure travelers though so why label it as a different city which caters to vacation and leisure travel?

They are awful to deal with too. Seem to enjoy saying no.

If enough people can draw enough attention to their horrible treatment of customers, maybe it would cause them to take note.


You people are so silly. Priceline has a great product, however there is a caveat.

Here it is: You have to be smart. Now I'm not saying you have to be a genius, but competent individuals, who understand the service including the advantages and disadvantages of the various avenues of booking on priceline can, and do, save LOTS of money. I am one of them. For example, one of the ways to save lots of money is to book a non-refundable reservation, as these are almost always less expensive than booking reservations with more flexible policies.

Clearly you would not want to book in this manner if there is a chance you would want to cancel the reservation, however this risk often results in great savings. This is an example of how priceline does not for for dumb individuals (such as most of the commenters here) as if you are just too dumb, lazy, ignorant, etc to read and understand what you are purchasing.

It's like buying a lottery ticket and then being mad you didn't win. If you are *** to understand the numerous advantages of priceline, then book directly through the airline or hotel and pay $600 more, as it is true, a fool and his money are soon parted.


clearly you are someone that thinks their *** doesnt stink. Good luck with that!!


You are incorrect, they are involved in corrupt, illegal and unethical activity. I booked a hotel in NY as a non-refundable price.

My niece is getting married, no chance of canceling. I reserved two rooms, with two double beds. Called the hotel today and they say I have two rooms with 1 bed each room. PL says I didn't read fine print, no fine print needed, it clearly stated the rooms had two beds.

I called the hotel, they say they have plenty of double rooms available but they can't upgrade me until I am there and it will cost $25 per room. They were kind enough to allow me to book those rooms before I get there, because the PL agent who called them was so incredibly rude!


You expect us to believe you don't work for priceline? I'm getting ready to take them to court and I'm going to subpoena their IT department and financials to put a stop to this!

Obviously all of the people here including my self are sincere and intelligent enough to know when something's rotting in Denmark!

I've used cheaptickets, orbitz, expedia, kayak and many other websites to buy tickets and have never ran into this problem! Priceline is the problem not the people here and you know it!


BTW, you should change your username to voice of treason!

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