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I've done research on their web site. There is no way a consumer can find out about their policies until you committ.

That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time. I can't even find their polieis as a consumer checking them out. We have an excellent opportunity to put them out of business.

I think Priceline doesn't care until a group of us gets together and targets them as they do us individually. I will check this site again and if there people willing to put the time in i will as well.

Thanks - Wayne

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Hello my name is Sabrina and I know for a fact that priceline is a ripoff and scam. They got me 348.00 just this past weekend and I plan on calling and doing what I can to get something done about it.

I went on vacation work my family and booked a 3 night stay in Chattanooga tm but meant to book Nashville tn. So after I realized it which was about 15 minutes later I looked on the website to cancel it but I didn't see where I could so I then called the hotel and the lady gave me the number to call and cancel. So after I got the number and keep in mind I've booked the correct hotel already through them for 400.00 dollars. Priceline told me they can cancel the reservations but I would still be charged the full 348.00.

It didn't matterthat I was already spending 400.00 with them at another hotel they didn't care and they made it very clear that they wouldn't change their mind.

So I lost 348.00 for a room I didn't use and they still ended up not even canceling it. I am begging for a lawsuit.


They offer low prices by (in many cases) having nonrefundable deals. It's not their fault that YOU booked the wrong hotel.


This is the thing people can not seem to understand. They never want to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Priceline makes you accept that all information is correct before you can even pay. Funny how the buyer messes up but it somehow becomes priceline's fault when they insist on nonrefundable being nonrefundable.


Shut the *** up Priceline and stop trolling websites to make it sound like REAL people are on your side. Wow a company logs in to defend their horrible policies. Just shut up and let people be ticked off at scammers like you Priceline!


Count me in. I just sent them a big email and saved it.

My email address is My phone # 619-495-3791


Priceline is the biggest scam going. Is a class action lawsuit in the works?

Count me in.

If not, I'm more than happy to be part of one. Priceline's screwing of the consumer has to stop!!!!


wjohn20002 :)



The last page before you pay is all you need as each policy is intended for a specific type of purchase. If you purchase refundable fares, you get the policy for that fare as your last confirmation page before paying, if you buy a nonrefundable fare, that is the policy you get. In fact, it works mostly the same way as the airlines and car rentals do on their own pages.

READ read read HAVE to accept the policy BEFORE you pay, so if you got screwed you screwed yourself. I have used Priceline for years and never once had a problem. I READ what I am buying and I ALWAYS buy travel insurance. ALWAYS.

Also, if you include a car rental, the site clearly tells you the rental agency may have additional fees that are NOT priceline's responsibility.


O lady scott you must work for priceline because this is not the only post i see your sticking up for them ...sorry there are more bad things on here about priceline then what you and your co worker wrote should ask for a raise


Actually, I am pharmacy tech and work in a pharmacy. I just know how to read and accept responsibility for my own mistakes, thank you. If I worked everywhere idiots like you accused me of I would be one *** of a rich woman who never got laid.


LadyScot, I had NO WAY of knowing that the hotel I was staying in charged an additional $25 per night since I didn't know the hotel I was bidding on. I'm sure you would have known since you are so smart.

But, I didn't. The rest of us feel cheated by In fact, the name of this web site is, "Pissed" No one is really interested in you perfect experience. Frankly, why are you even trying to join into these conversations.

You clearly enjoy being argumentative. Can't you find anything better to do to occupy your time.

Really, you're just babbling to people who feel they have been taken advantage of. I can only imagine how many times YOU have been told this but why don't you just mind your own business.


I would like to go on the reccord that even though I feel that screwed me by knowingly selling me a hotel room that the hotel charges an additional $25 per night resort fee. (would have cost me an additional $175) The Hotel, Treasure Island in Las Vegas, felt so bad that I felt screwed, they waived the resort fee and upgraded us to a nicer room than what we would have gotten.

They went on to let me know that what I paid priceline was more than what the hotel normally charges for the same room including the resort fee. Priceline sucks but I no longer feel that I have a leg to stand on since my trip worked out fine for us. I am truly sorry for those that Priceline has screwed. It really sucks that big companies like them can freely take advantage of people and no one can touch them.

I hope you get a law suite together and force Priceline to change its practices.


Hey LadyScot, stick will you. The change on their web site reflects a change that is motivated by pure greed on behalf of Priceline.

Priceline use to ask you how many adults and how many childern so a fair bid can be entertained. Well no longer. I won a "bid" after receiving an email from Priceline telling me to bid 108.00 per room. My room that I won has one bed in it.

So after doing upgrades at the hotel for my family of four it can cost me 60.00 or more for the upgrades I need. Furthermore, I could have made reservations myself for a lesser price. PRICELINE ARE FRAUDS, LIARS AND THIEFS.



Lady scott is just a troll.She cant afford to travel because she claims to only be a pharm tech at walgreens but then again maybe she just lives in mommys basement and thats how she can afford to travel.


I wish I had read this before I booked with Priceline. They are master munipulators and once they rip you off, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it.

I can't believe their practices are legal. And, the customer service dept. left me on hold for 45 mins.

when I called to complain and then I was disconnected. I wish someone would start a class action against these people.


I've been inquiring with attorneys, I submitted a letter to BBB in the state where their headquarters are, I sent a letter to dept of corporation, and submitted a small claim against them. Someone HAS TO stop these thieves!!!


Someone has to stop people from suing every time they make a mistake and gets told no.


@ LADYSCOT...Hey i didn't sue when the pharmacy gave me my meds and they were the wrong one ....and the pharmacy tech botched the name .....wait maybe it was you sorry but priceline does screw up and they don't ever admit it ......and it would be nice if they were like you and admit it .......and i would rather talk to them when needed .....and what about all the ones that they book in the wrong city ......stick up for them all you aunt they SUCK EVERYONE PRICELINE OWNS KAYAK AND BOOKING.COMS so be careful. hen booking through them too !!!!!


Again, no one is manipulating you. The information YOU provide is spelled out for YOU to CONFIRM before you pay. No way you can get a wrong reservation unless YOU do it wrong then CONFIRM the wrong information.


Actually, they DO tell you up front that there may be additional fees added by the hotel/airline/rental car agency that are not the responsibility of Priceline. EVERY 3rd party booker tells you this, and you MUST, you absolutely CAN NOT pay until you click ACCEPT.

As for minding my own business, you made it my business when you put this 'it's my fault but they are to blame' drivel on the internet.

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