Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I've done research on their web site. There is no way a consumer can find out about their policies until you committ.

That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time. I can't even find their polieis as a consumer checking them out. We have an excellent opportunity to put them out of business.

I think Priceline doesn't care until a group of us gets together and targets them as they do us individually. I will check this site again and if there people willing to put the time in i will as well.

Thanks - Wayne

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I'm in, after what I just experienced with them. They need to be stopped!

Their worse than a Bank Robber.

They robbed me & thousands of others. I'm disabled & on SSI and what they just took can't be replaced.


Pitch Forks and Torches for All!!! Disabled and SSI didn't keep from booking.


That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time.

That is all you need. How many times do you need it spelled out for you?

Every purchase on sites like priceline are different and have different policies. That is why the policy is spelled out before you even click the pay button.

You have to accept the policy first. No lawsuit needed for one's own irresponsibility.


I think a better question is how much time do you have to spend on this web site telling people how *** they are? You either work for Priceline or this is your idea of a good time.

Don't they have *** where you are? You need to get laid and let the rest of the world be.




how often do you troll this website?


Idk if this is still going on, but I want in too...


I am in, I feel as though this is illegal. Misleading advertisement practices.


I'm in. They just took over $600.00 from me with no refund or anything.


I'm in, how do we contact you


i will gladly join a CAS against pricline. just arrived at my hotel to find i am forced to pay an additional fee for parking.

this is unavoidable, there's no other parking and it's not a down-town hotel.

I feel PL is obligate to disclose such fees and allow cancellation upon discovery. I do not consider this a discretionary fee or purchase.


There is a blurb on hotel/car rental purchases that tell you up front that there may be additional fees charged by the hotel and/or rental car companies that are not the responsibility of priceline. You have to accept this statement before you can pay.

You can not proceed without the acceptance. If you accept it, then you are responsible.


I'm in if you get it going.


I want in on the lawsuit, they changed the price that I bid on the name your own price feature and won't fix their mistake. My email address is


priceline is a scammer and ripoff. they don't care about us one bit.

lets sue them!

they deserve it!!! for ripping off thousands of people


I'm in. I've wasted way too much time with their customer service.


I think that written complaints to the State Attorney General of CT. would be the way to go (that's their headquarters, correct?) I would also CC the main newspaper serving CT.

(even the Wall Street Journal) and see if there are true investigative journalists willing to look into the practices of Priceline.

Priceline is facing multiple lawsuits, buying up competitors and moving into international markets on a tear. If Priceline continues in their ways....they will soon be very close to a monopoly in the industry. If I had the time and the money, I would track down the entire corp. mgt.

team and publish their names along with their personal addresses. Then all personal written complaints could be sent to their homes...


Just start booking with hotels,airlines,rent of car places instead


I wana b apart...count me in

my email Is


I'm pissed too! They say "We've accepted your bid for rental car for $34 a day" then a $100.

on my debit card...THEN....I get charged $51.

from Hertz!!!

RIPOFF! Lets Sue their ***!

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