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I've done research on their web site. There is no way a consumer can find out about their policies until you committ.

That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time. I can't even find their polieis as a consumer checking them out. We have an excellent opportunity to put them out of business.

I think Priceline doesn't care until a group of us gets together and targets them as they do us individually. I will check this site again and if there people willing to put the time in i will as well.

Thanks - Wayne

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I recently just booked a flight and rental car, i signed for both on their "contract". The flight was reserved but not the car but they still charged me for it. all of their customer service people basically told me to screw off and they already took my money, i have considered a lawyer since they will not take me serious.


I'm in I was supposed to be receiving free prepaid gratuities on my cruise. I went back & forth for 3 days straight with the cruise line & priceline while on my cruise.

Priceline told me to have the grats removed from my account which i did but guest services told me that I would be responsible for paying them out of my own pocket. So I paid $250 out of my own pocket to my room stewardess Waiter & hostess I figured it wasn't fair that they wouldn't get paid due to pricelines negligence. Now im still waiting for a answer from priceline for reimbursement.

I am going to see a lawyer if they don't make it right and sue them for the money plus ruining my cruise and frustration.


"There is no way a consumer can find out about their policies until you commit. That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time." Soooo what your saying is that they do post it and you agree to it when you click to proceed...but it's unfair because your too &$%#ed up to read it or do a print screen and print it out. You're probably going to want someone to be with you when you read the retainer, because you might not be able to refrain from signing it first.


my name is Aaron Steele and my email password is Aaron Superman Steele @ all one word small caps I would love to join a class action lawsuit against Priceline they've taken 1200 dollars out of my account left me homeless when I called to try to get the matter resolved they transferred me back and forth to all their different affiliates and refuse to do anything I wouldn't even put me in a room for one or two nights with my 13 year old son left is sleeping on the streets the money that they took was the down payment for the deposit on my own house now I'm homeless no money and no help from Priceline who is charged in some occasions as many as six times in one day for more than one Hotel because they would put me in a hotel they would put me at a hotel and Hotel would be overbooked so they would have me rent another room saying that they would refund the money from the original room plus give me a one night extra refund most of the time both Priceline and the hotel charge me for the same rooms I don't understand how they think this is right and all of their a****** customer service reps I hope they're happy when I jump off a *** bridge wearing a thank-you Priceline shirt my family and my friends will all miss me it cost me everything thank you Priceline


You wrote alot, but I have no idea what your trying to say


I saw this Will Smith movie, it was great!!


have been ripped off almost 1,200 dollars in the last month by Priceline

had had several rooms booked then overbooked by the hotel or by Priceline was told would be getting my money back and an extra night stay several different times would not put me in a new hotel room made me free rent one had to pay for on top of already paying for the one that they didn't refund me then when they did start refunding me the very same day they refunded it they took it back anyone who wants to start a class action lawsuit or knows the number of the lawyer that's working on something don't have the money to pay for it hopefully he'll do it pro bono please email to


I hate it when I spend my last $1200 and find myself homeless.


I am SO in! they just swindled me with a name your own price - booking me in a city i did not select but they say is within the "zone" i selected and they booked me in a king room with no pull out sofa or any other accommodations for the second person in the room - called the hotel and everything!

total rip off - will never use them again and i am totally in for the lawsuit - *** liars. email:


How dare they post a map of area and I refuse to review it, before going click happy!?!?!? I am sooooo mad!


Please, count me in!!! Priceline makes me sick!


I do not work for Priceline. You just refuse to accept that you made a mistake and are therefore responsible yourself.

Priceline is so easy to use and I told you exactly how the site works. If you do not agree with the policy as it is spelled out, then don't click the accept button. It can not get any plainer.

Stop acting like a Walmart customer and put on your big girl panties. Or, you could learn to read.


Are you a public service announcer? Do you get paid for this or do you just do this for fun?

Do you also go to Walmart for fun and to buy big girl panties?

Maybe if you could find something more rewarding, you could actually afford to travel more than the once you clicked the accept button.


How is this not false advertising?

Seems actionable to me.

Specific examples:

Clocktower Inn/Rockford



I would join as well. BTW, Will you delete the "People Are So Dumb" posts...that person must work for Priceline!


Why delete a comment that is totally true? I have used Priceline for years, and it works exactly like PASD says it works.

You have to accept the terms before you get to the pay screen. If you do not agree, why click the button that says you do?


People can also be pathetic. For example by going on to a website where people are obviously angry because they feel they have been taken advantage of and pretend that they are smart enough that they would never be wronged.

Well, good for you! I mean you deserve at least that considering that your life is so pathetic that this is what your past time activities have resorted to. In case you missed the clue the name of the website is called, "Pissed Consumer". I actually feel bad for you because it must be a very sad existence.

But, you have made me feel better about Priceline screwing me over. I feel lucky in fact that at least I'm not a bored loser and I have a fulfilling life. I'd take being screwed by P.L.

than being you any day. Thanks for being a loser!!


So, either you DO work for Priceline OR you really are pathetic and this is what you do for fun????? Which is it??????

Why so you feel the need the tell everyone they are dumb???? What you are telling us is that you are a loser with nothing better to do. I mean why else would you be on this web site. I guess because there isn't one that celebrates how awesome Priceline is.

Sorry, fan club president, you're not going to find that. This site is for "Pissed consumers" and I guess obviously people with nothing better to do. Don't losers like you usually have fantasy games to play where you are a super hero and save magically creatures. There are none here.

Go back to your rock and let decent people discuss their issues. I'd also rather be taken advantage of than being pathetic and bored.


im in


I'm in...just got taken advantage of two times in a row.

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