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I've done research on their web site.There is no way a consumer can find out about their policies until you committ.

That last second before accepting the purchase is the only time. I can't even find their polieis as a consumer checking them out. We have an excellent opportunity to put them out of business.

I think Priceline doesn't care until a group of us gets together and targets them as they do us individually.I will check this site again and if there people willing to put the time in i will as well.

Thanks - Wayne

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If anyone is actually suing them let me know.I just booked flight to my moms funeral.

They knew upfront what was going on. They messed my flight up. Twice. Canceled.

Rebooked without me knowing. Charged me $30 for it. Initially they tried to charge me almost $900 for it. I also booked a car rental.

I get there at the airport and the rental company has no idea what Im talking about. I had already been charged for it. I call priceline, they put down canceled and say they will refund me. I have yet to be.

I was stranded at an airport that sits far from almost anything and had to pay a lot of money to catch a cab to my hotel. Thank god my dad booked that because I probably would have ended up in the streets if I had gone through priceline for that.

I called several times and no resolution. I finally email and get told to call a special number.

I call. Same call center just a diff number. They look to see if they can refund me. And Im sitting on hold forever, of course no they cant.

They did promise to make notes. Isnt that great? Oh a note. Thanks priceline!

Trash company with trash customer service.Ill stick with Orbitz.

Roanoke, Virginia, United States #1355428

I am with you. They double booked and charged me when their website failed on their end. Please include me in anything against them.

Tempe, Arizona, United States #1325340

Priceline is consistently involved in false, fraudulent and misleading advertising.I have very clear and concise evidence of this (screenshots and a detailed conversation).

They do not care to correct their intentional deception and they think they are too big for anyone to take on.In my case they have it wrong.


Not only was I charged $48.09 tax for 3 rooms by Priceline when reservation was made. At check out I was taxed again another $13.87 per room by Radisson. thanks for reading.


I'm in! Is this still an option?

to Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, United States #1336393

My dad booked a trip with Priceline for six of us in our family.unfortunately we missed our flight due to long lines.

the airline offered us standby tickets to a plane that was fully booked with a total of 9 stand by passengers ahead of us. because we didn't take that option the airline cancelled our round trip tickets .Priceline wanted over $1,000 per person for new tickets which obviously wasn't an option. so now my dad is out $10,000 and we don't know how to proceed . any advice ?does anyone want to go in on a lawsuit together ?

please advise.

My email is danc2joy@gmail.com .Any advice is greatly appreciated.

to Marci44 Columbus, Ohio, United States #1337059

Yes Yes Yes

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #1337058

l cant get to a person they never sent the confirmation they said they would and now now they don't connect my phone number related to a reservation the had no problem taking 400 from account instantly cant get anywhere on their help page or any phone number


I am in too! Priceline is suppose to refund me and they didn't. The customer service is horrible and basically they told me to screw off and hang up on me.


I recently just booked a flight and rental car, i signed for both on their "contract". The flight was reserved but not the car but they still charged me for it. all of their customer service people basically told me to screw off and they already took my money, i have considered a lawyer since they will not take me serious.

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