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I bid for rental car using Priceline and I got a hertz rental. For reasons only known to them, I was in Hertz's Do Not Rent list. Hertz denied to rent a car for me. A case was opened and Priceline replied that they got a response that I was not in Hertz Do Not Rent list at all.

I called Hertz and they said that I was *removed* from their Do Not Rent list.

Now both Priceline and Hertz cannot refund what I paid for the reservation and money is lost for no mistake of mine. Totally pissed and I dont know what to do.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #675442

Nonrefundable normally means nonrefundable. The problem wasn't with PL but with Hertz for not giving you the car.

You should get a refund from them - File with BBB. If that doesn't work, file with small claims court.

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