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I booked a rental car on through Priceline for Avis rental (airport) for 8/29-9/5 due to my vehicle being at the repair shop. I received notification 8/30 (5:30 pm) that something personal had come up and I was trying to return the car early (due to my situation) as I would not be able to use the rental car. I contacted Avis (twice) and spoke to a representative explaining I was not going to be able to use the car for the full week and need to return the car. Avis informed me that would be no problem and I drove to the airport where I rented the car originally to return the car. Once I got to the airport to return the car, the lady (behind the counter) at Avis informed me I would not receive a refund through Avis, it would have to be through Priceline (3rd Party purchase.

I then called Priceline who informed me that I could return the car early, but Avis would have to refund me the unused balance. The lady (behind the counter) with Avis informed Priceline (on my phone) that was not possible. After a 20 minute run around with Priceline telling me they wouldn't refund any of my money, I hung up with frustration.

I then called back after calming down and re-evaluating the situation. I spoke to someone, who informed me they were unable to refund any portion of my rental. They proceeded to tell me that I rented a car that could not be canceled/refunded under no circumstances. I then requested to speak to someone that could actually make these changes.

I was then transferred to Customer Relations and spoke to Ashley (#5260192). I explained to her my situation and the reason for needing to return the car early along with requesting a return of funds for unused rental time. Ashley explained to me, "There are NO REFUNDS". I was like there is NO EXCEPTIONS. How is that even possible? There are always exceptions. I explained, I could understand if I just didn't want the rental, but something personal had come up and was unable to use the car. She said there is NO WAY to change it in the system. I asked her to transfer me to someone above her that can change it in the system. She again said, "There is NO ONE that can change it. After being very angry with this repetitive response, words were exchanged a few more times. I then thanked her for her lack of assistance and response to the situation and that I would be contacting Priceline about this.

I find it very hard to believe that there is NO ONE that can make this kind of change in their system. Explain to me how that can even be possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Priceline Car Rental Booking.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have been ripped off by Priceline too, I booked a rental for 3 days through Priceline and changed it to 2 days at the counter before picking up the car, Guess what,they charged me for 3 days and when I called then keep repeating the same thing that they have no way to give me a refund . I ended up paying 3 days for a 2-day car rental. It was my first and last purchase with Priceline .

Independence, Kentucky, United States #1224118

I agree with you, have the same situation, and same a bunch of robots. And my rental is 2 months out.

Someone needs to look into their shady business practices.

I said the same thing, there has to be exceptions and some that can make the change / refund. Will never use again, and I hope others heed the warning.

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