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Working online with Priceline, I accidently put in improper dates for a hotel reservation. I learned about this when I received a Priceline email asking me if I enjoyed the trip, which I never made.

While I understood I would not receive a refund, Priceline would not consider any "break" for me making a reservation at the same hotel on the future (correct) date. They basically said "too bad." Apparently, this happens frequently, as the representative asked me to hold and five seconds later told me that he had checked with his supervisor and was sorry to inform me that nothing could be done for me.

There is no customer service at Priceline. I will take my business to their competitors.

Monetary Loss: $230.

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Watkinsville, Georgia, United States #605174

LadyScot, you have a clear grasp of the obvious that you accentuate to effectively with ALL CAPS and underlines. Great.

Of course it's my error. My point is that Priceline is completely impersonal and uninterested in customers'circumstances. They could have kept my money AND given me a nice deal at the hotel for the dates I would actually be there.

Apparently they feel they are so big and successful that they don't have to.

to dadoftay Naples, Florida, United States #605491

They do not have to, that is the point. If you buy nonrefundable, even the airlines, the car rental agencies, and the hotel themselves will NOT refund you. Priceline is no different with nonrefundable fares. That is why they are cheap and why you have to accept it before you pay.

As for the underlines, I did not do those, the website does. It is called linking advertisements and is how pissedconsumer pays for this server. I did, however, do the caps. They are used for emphasis. Glad you caught that.

Too many people use 3rd arty bookers, make mistakes, then blame the sites for not refunding. It is annoying. Be more careful next time. Like I said, chalk it up to an expensive lesson and move on. OR, buy refundable fares or trip insurance. That is what trip insurance is for.

Naples, Florida, United States #604649

Nonrefundable is just that whether you book through the hotel, airline or car rental directly, or use a 3rd party booking site. Priceline, I know since I have used them several times, makes you AGREE to the charge and CONFIRM all information BEFORE you can even pay. So chalk it up as YOUR error and move on.

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