Priceline.com did not accept my bid so I booked the listed price that they offered. I checked the box to be flexible on departure times.

I requested a flight on Saturday and to return a week later on Sunday. The ticket I got after committing my credit card number had me arriving at my destination on Monday afternoon and my return flight was scheduled at 5am on the following Sunday. They essentially cut two days out of my trip. When I tried to change my flight they told me that because I had named my own price (which I didn't), they would not do anything to help me.

They did offer to cancel my reservations for a $300 fee.

These people are thieves. I lost two days of my trip and I DIDN'T SAVE ANY MONEY.

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I booked a four star and received a 1/2 st, yes not star but st!!!! Customer relations are *** they don't care where they place you as long as they are getting your money.

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