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Priceline USED to be a great bargain and have good customer service. I recently booked a Sheraton in San Diego and called to confirm the reservation and to arrange for 2 beds since I was traveling with the family (3 kids). I was told that since I booked through Priceline, our "penalty" was we got a room for 5 with 1 king size bed and I'd have to ask for 2 beds when we checked in. Maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't. Depends on "availability". Heaven forbid they try and help me now.

I've called ahead to every other hotel I've gotten on Priceline and it's been a non-issue. So now hotels are penalizing priceline customers with this ***?

Then the brain dead rep wants to tell me the room is only guaranteed for 2 adults? why enter all the children's info then? It's none of their business if they aren't going to accommodate them.

I have yet to see how this plays out. I have a feeling this is my last purchase with priceline and last time as a customer of ANY Starwood based hotel.

They better have rollaways available.

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Priceline sells rooms at a discounted rate and for the rate that you get, you get the "run of the house." Meaning that bed type isn't guaranteed as it is just a leftover needing to be sold.

If the hotel is really full, expect to have bed issues. Ask for a rollaway and if you get stern about your situation they may comp it.

Otherwise, try paying a bit more and get what you pay for. Hotels offer plenty of discounts so just do your research and you could still find a decent deal. Also if you book ahead of time, the better the discounts can be. Last minute reservations mean the best rates are already gone.

Also, I think 5 people violates fire code so I don't recommend getting angry with the hotel because they have that leverage over you.

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