I bid and 'won' the bid on a hotel in Orlando. Priceline congratulated me that I saved 25%! I decided to double check and logged into that hotel site and faked booking with AAA discount.

The result was $4 dollars less than the claimed savings i had on Priceline!

Priceline lies that it can save on bookings!

When I called to discuss the issue, they wasted another 30 minutes of my time, refused to even match the lower price let alone give me 25% discount!

I talked to 3 people who were 'verifying' somthing for me and came up with excuses to refuse to even match the lower price.

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"Honey...the kids can't eat this week. I lost $4.00 to Priceline."


So it is Priceline's fault that you bid too much??

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