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I purchased a ticket for my Turkish fiancé (Five months of pay for a typical Turkish person) flying from Istanbul to Mexico City with the understanding from Priceline customer service that he would not need a transit visa if flying on the same airlines and was not going through customs. Then terrorist attacks in Paris happened and the transit visa rules started to become stricter, especially for Turkish citizens.

I tried to change the ticket through Europe as we called every single embassy and asked about the changing rules. I was hysterically crying to the agents on two occasions (one put me on hold for 45 minutes) about the frustration of the visa change and about the situation who had absolutely NO compassion on the phone and told me the change in ticket price for a change in layover to Europe would cost an additional 8,000, pay up or hang up!!! I then tried everything in my power to try and obtain a transit visa for the three hours. I called Turkish airlines directly who told me that Priceline has locked them out of the system and were not allowed to change tickets.

I called Aero-Mexico who told me the same thing, Priceline did not allow them to access the reservation. I called Priceline back who then told me to contact the airlines directly!!!!!!! Talk about the run around and highly highly unethical business practice to offer a solution that they know is impossible, that’s called LYING TO THE CUSTOMER! When a customer is complaining about a ticket being expensive and then the agent suggests a 8 times more expensive ticket is rude and degrading, followed up by making them chase around.

My last ditch effort was to contact my congressman in my state. Can you believe that? Priceline would not help so I had to go to a congressman!!!! I had a meeting with my states representative that could not believe the story and the lengths that I had gone through.

She sent a special message to the government who said that due to the increased terrorist threat they would not grant a transit visa regardless of the circumstances. I can send the formal email from the government regarding this request. This is all because Priceline would not refund my ticket or change the layover. Talk about capitalism at its finest!

Now we have no money for the trip we had planned, its Christmas, and I am on the phone constantly with Priceline and the government trying to figure getting this ticket back. I was then handed to a manager who agreed with the situation and would look into refunding the ticket with Turkish airlines. He promised to call me back the next morning with a resolution. There was no call.

I called the help desk, and the system could not find my number. I tried the chat help line and they told me to call someone else. Priceline give you the run around, steals your money, and leaves you with nothing.

Good luck trying to get a hold of a person, or have your issue resolved as they frequently drop your call, put you on long wait lines, and promise to call you back and never do. Not only is the company inept at costumer service, they are also unethical and immoral as people (Islamaphobic?), to steal someone’s money and not let them change it or get their money back is stealing and poor business practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Priceline Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Cheating lying stealing profiting from poor.

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Dear Ms. Berman,

This will acknowledge your visit on Friday, December 4, 2015 asking for assistance with the issue of your fiancée obtaining a transit visa.

I have sent a request to the U.S.

Department of State.

I will be in contact with you upon receipt of a response from that agency.

Tery Sanchez

Director of Constituent Services

Congresswoman Kathy Castor - Florida Dist. 14

to Anonymous #1083012

What does that prove? That you can type?

to Anonymous #1083057

Unless you can refund my money, I don't feel the need to prove anything to you. The meeting is all on public record at the office anyways sleuth.

Embarrassing that you care this much about strangers travel issues. Bless.


You are so full of it.

to Anonymous #1082461

How so? I would be happy to provide the website emails, the phone records, and the emails sent from the US government and Turkish Embassy as proof.

to Anonymous #1082467

I would also like to see the information on you meeting your state congressman. So yes. Post it all.

to Anonymous #1082556

Still waiting....

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