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I clicked on an express deal on priceline.com. the hotel it assigned me was Days Inn Florence Civic Center | 140 Dunbarton Dr Florence, SC.

When I arrived the young lady behind the counter was very obvious about not wanting to do more than absolutely necessary to get me to a room. requested a credit card "which is standard' , but added that she needed it in case I damage the room or anything in it. I am a 50 year old business traveler, and was dressed accordingly, so I am not sure how she assumed I would be damaging the room. she assigned me room 116 on the first floor.

I take my suitcase and walk to the room. I open the door and am met with a terrible odor , I get inside and look around and the furniture is not only old, it is wore out and has obvious stains everywhere. I walked to the bathroom to discover someone has used it and not flushed, and no it was not urine! I immediately attempt to flush the toilet and it will not, the water rises to top of toilet bowl and just before overflowing into the room stops, but still does not flush.

I pick up the phone and call Priceline and ask what they can do to get me a different hotel and am told nothing. she offers to call the front desk and ask if the hotel will give me a refund and I can just find a new hotel. 20 min go by and no one at hotel will answer. I walk to the front desk phone in hand with Priceline rep still on and she is calling to hotel, no phone is ringing and the young lady just ignores me.

I speak up and say I do not want to stay here and Priceline is trying to call, she says phone hasn't rang and then I see her move her hand over the phone and suddenly it starts ringing. she had the phone ringer turned off or had it on do not disturb! she says nothing can be done. the entire time I am in the lobby the thermostat is set at 81 degrees!!

it was an oven. I then said to her, I am stuck here, so please can you give me another room? she moves me to the third floor and a new room. I take a dirty nasty elevator to the third floor and walk into an even dirtier concrete breezeway to a door with a card reader to get into the third floor that is not even operational and the door does not close completely due to something with the hinges.

I get to my room and at least the odor was not as bad, and the furniture was only worn and slightly stained. I went to the desk a second time to use the computer to do some work and it was useless. could not connect to the internet, kept flashing ads with naked women everywhere, the young lady offered zero help and it was so hot in their with the thermostat set to 81 that I gave up and went to the Hilton and asked if they would let me use their computers even though I was not a guest. The friendly smiles were appreciated and so was the fact that they said no problem and opened the door and told me to use them as long as I needed to.

I got my work done and returned to the Days Inn Florence Civic Center | 140 Dunbarton Dr Florence, SC, and the next morning I went to the desk and inquired about the computer issue and a gentleman did try to help, but stated in the end that he needed and IT man to fix it. I asked about why the young lady had the lobby thermostat set to 81 and they all giggled and said yes, the girl last night always does that. I said that's terrible, this is the first place you guest come into and it sets a very bad first impression. I went to work and came back that night and my room key didn't work, seems the young lady in switching my room only set it up for one night, not for the entire stay I had paid for.

each day this happened because each time I had to get a new key they repeated the same process of just one day authorized use. I also spoke with Cindy at the front desk about my concerns as to why the other young lady was so difficult, she was cautious with her answer and did not want involved. the young lady I checked in with said she would leave a note to the manager for the next morning about letting me get a refund for the remainder of days I had paid for, that never happened, no one called me, left me a msg, nothing. I was left with no choice but to stay in this awful dirty hotel.

I have stayed at 2 star and even 1 star hotels before that may have lacked in amenities, but they were clean! this place is nothing short of nasty. I refused to even unpack my suitcase. On my last day there, I out of habit opened the drawers to make sure I didn't leave anything behind and when I did I discovered two sleeves of magnum condoms, SO OBVIOULSY THE MAIDS ARE NOT DOING A GREAT JOB OF CLEANING!

I was blown away that this hotel is this bad. I did get a call from a very nice young lady about a week later that said she was the front desk MGR and the owner had asked her to call me after I complained to Priceline. I went over all this and she seemed interested. She asked me what it would take to make me happy.

1. Nothing can make me happy now that I had to stay in this nasty hotel. 2. if there were something that would make me happy I have no real idea of what it would be.

so I finally came up with an idea, I explained to her that I did in fact stay in the hotel and use the electricity and water so I did not want a full refund, but based on my experiace I felt a 50% refund would be appropriate.

she agreed to call me back a few days later and take care of it. She did call back as promised, and said the owner would only agree to a 30% refund and wanted to know if that was okay. what am I to say to that, no its not okay and get nothing?? I said I felt it should have been 50% but I would take it.

she said no one had reported that I even had a problem while staying there. Well that's an internal issue, because I can only report to the people I see at the counter. if they do not deliver the message to the manager or owner what can I do? I did at least have a record with Priceline that I called for refund within 30 minutes of arriving at the hotel.

after all is said and done I advise you to stay as far away from this nasty filthy hotel as possible!!

PLEASE see attached photos of nasty furniture, elevator, breezeway to 3rd floor, and the condoms I found in the top drawers of dresser etc. Also see the thermostat in lobby pic set at 81 degrees!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Priceline Days Inn Room Booking.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $275.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Priceline Cons: Customer service is very poor.

  • Priceline Non Customer Service
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