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Looks like some *** attacked me. Sorry Gimme you could not follow my post.

Give me your phone number and I will have my 13 year old explain it to you. See if you can follow this Gimme....I will type slow just for you. As a business owner, I have used Priceline with some good deals and not so good deals. My first complaint was in regards to a 99.00 dollar charge for a duplicate room.

Unlike you Gimme, I didnt run to the bank and cry for a refund. I wrote a letter to the CEO pointing out their mistake and trying to prevent this from happening to others. Not that I owe a coward with a 5TH GRADE EDUCATION an explanation.

By the way, how is that job at Priceline....can you live ok on that eight bucks an hour? You need a good *** slapping.

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San Diego, California, United States #653676

Sorry Carol, the grammar as posted is from a defect in my computer.

It makes perfect sense, too bad it's beyond you.

You need to quit that inbreeding "thing" as it really makes you ***. I am glad the US Gov.

offers tax breaks to hire the mentally Priceline picked you up. I am happy to subsidize your wages....better then welfare, huh?

to boborr San Diego, California, United States #653678

Yes, you will find spelling errors and or weird symbols possibly popping up during my posts. You should really do your homework on Priceline before you open your twinkie filled mouth. Just say no to ***!!


What?! Lol, have you READ what you just wrote here?

You sir are the one with the 5th grade education.

Awesome grammar and sentences! This doesn't even make sense.

to Carol #660476

I would not reply to gimme a break. Why feed the beast.

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