Priceline committed FRAUD with their "name your price" bid scam & I will report this. I have used Priceline for years & I have done the bidding before, I never got a "up to 60% discount", but I got a better price than the listed price for the hotel on your site.

This experience was a scam. The 2 1/2 star hotels stated the average rate was $300 a night, I bid $165 and won a Best Western that Priceline offers all the time at $154. HOW CAN YOU CHARGE ME MORE THAN YOUR STANDARD RATE? THAT IS NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT.

I called and complained and should have disputed the charge with my credit card company for your false advertising. Then the next day I found the SAME HOTEL ON ORBITZ & ANOTHER SITE FOR $136 AND I'M TOLD YOU WON'T MATCH!!! I have been lied to about additional discount & about matching. I have no trust in your bidding feature & I should report this to consumer affairs since you are NOT standing behind your claim.

Priceline should have automatically given my your standard Best Western rate, not make me OVER PAY? And again the standard rate is NOT an additional discount when you don't know the hotel, interesting how the other 2 1/2 star hotels didn't show up. Is this part of the scam, the other Hotels are not available by bidding?? Priceline overcharged me, tried to make me pay MORE for that hotel by using the bidding!

Either cancel this Fraudulent hotel booking or honor the $136 that is on multiple large travel sites!!

Fix your offer that states to a person that there is NO discount for bid, but they could select this lower priced hotel IF THEY WANT IT.

Plus, another site had Best Western as a 2 Star.

Where did Priceline come up with the average $300 a night (very similar to the 3 & 4 Star hotels)?? I have never been ripped off like this before on any travel site and never before with using Priceline for years!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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