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So when your order fails at Priceline they are authorizing the amount for each attempt. I just found out that the 3 times I tried to order a hotel room racked up over $1200.00 in authorizations on my credit card and now I'm on hold because none of their customer service idiots cant act to get the hold on my credit card released.

Like I have $1200 in credit I can just loose. What a bunch of idiots. So now I've been an hour on the phone to get this resolved back and forth and back and forth.

If you want to feel like gouging your eyes out and breaking things, then by all means, try a Priceline online transaction. I swear, If I couldn't be sarcastic, I would be violent.

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Hi Eric, I had a similar experience with priceline. I made my original booking to find out that the the request failed.

I was told by priceline that it was because I added a rental car to my package and sometimes that messes their system up. So I booked again, without the rental car and it still didn't go through. This time priceline blamed the hotel I chose, saying that the hotel still had rooms listed, but there weren't any rooms available. So, try number 3, I changed hotels and submitted the package to have it fail again.

Priceline's reason this time - the airline had seats listed when there really weren't any seats available!!! Unbelievable!! And guess what, each attempted booking put a hold on my bank account for the price of the package! - Even more unbelievable!!!

And to try to get it resolved quickly through priceline - what a joke. I'm not even sure how this company stays in business.

I've written priceline an email detailing my situation 2 days ago and haven't heard anything in response. DON'T USE PRICELINE, UNLESS YOU HAVE LOTS OF MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO BE PUT ON HOLD!!


I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal, Eric! Thanks to your review I will NEVER use Priceline online or by phone.

I take my money seriously, as everyone does (or should) and a situation like yours, if it spanned a few days unresolved, would have this woman literally in tears. However I was and am still in a similar predicament with Dinair (you can view the complaint on this website and as of today I stilldon't have my refund) so if you want to avoid extra stress around the holidays or your wife's birthday, be sure not to buy her Dinair cosmetics.

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