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they are the worst 3rd party travel agency. the situation is that we had to change our flight dates and cancel the hotel reservation.

BUT these idiots FAILED miserably to change anything and on top of that charge the new card when giving it to the rep. they are extremely unreliable and then, on top of that they overcharge me for the changes in our flight. super pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they don't know how to do their job and even someone that claims he's the highest person i can talk to says that he can't do anything for me.

i have called them four days straight! don't waste your time and money by booking with them!!!

Review about: Priceline Flight Booking.

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I agree. My friend used my card

to book a hotel. First of all, I didn't

know they were going to charge for

the full rate of the hotel charge. Most

reservations reserve with a $1 as

reference. Anyway, I changed my

mind when I saw how the hotel

looked. It was in a seedy area. I requested

a full credit back to my card, 15 minutes

later. Needless to say, that wasn't going to

happen. How do you spell ripoff? fraud?...never


to say, that wasn't going to

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