San Carlos, California
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Looking for prices to rent a car but decided not to rent because original price was not matching final price, wanted to read conditions for why I have to pay more and close window but took money out my credit card, call them in less than 5 min and they told me could not do anything for me, call Alamo and they said they could refund if priceline agree but they did not, verify my e-mail where it shows that booking was not completed but money was taking anyway and they said use or not use rental will still charge, now will have to contact state attorney to dispute. Please do yourself a favor do not book with them you are better off going straight with companies regardless if is a flight rental etc.

at the end of the day it cost same but you have better protections and better customer service. they are money hungry and have no humanity.

Message on booking from my e-mail

Your Booking Could Not Be Completed

We’re sorry.

We had a temporary technical issue. We worked it out, so please try your search again!

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