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Hi, my name is Irish and I'll be assisting you today. Thank you for contacting us about your reservation, A.

How can I help you? I was given a description for one hotel and booked at another The hotel I booked said located off I-81. I understand the importance of this matter. Rest assured, I'll do everything I can to help you with this.

For me to better assist you, may I know the travel date of your reservation? I booked based on that, but in fact the hotel that was booked is 14-16 minutes away. There are about 6 hotels off I-81 and this is not one of them -tonight I've never had this happen with Priceline before- now I am afraid to trust your information. I am sorry to hear about that and I understand that this is an important matter to you, Angelisa.

Rest assured, this will be given much attention. I am locating your reservation so we can review it together. Just give me one moment please. trip 126560353 Thanks.

Thanks. Thank you for waiting. I am currently checking your itinerary so that we can take care of this right away. I will be happy to compare the location of your hotel to the designated area that was shown to you while making your reservation.

Please give me 2-3 minutes to review your information and determine if you received a hotel within the designated area. You don't need to look at "designated area"- you need to look at the hotel description. Thanks for waiting. I did review your reservation and the hotel you received is in the designated area of the map you reviewed on our website.

Please note that your reservation is non-changeable and non-refundable. Furthermore, we provide some hotel chain examples to illustrate what you might expect when choosing a star level. We do indicate that the brands shown are only examples and may not be part of our program. As stated during request process, the hotel that is selected may or may not be the one that you have seen during the request process.

I need to speak to a supervisor-you do not understand the issue, clearly. The DESCRIPTION SAID OFF 1-81, This is NOT- it is 15 minutes away. There are 6 hotels that are there. Priceline lied, and if you do not stand behind your promises, you are going to lose a frequent customer.

Also, I must warn everyone I can not to use your service, if your standards of honesty are so low. I understand that this must be very important for you; however, if you need to call us to speak with a supervisor, you may call us at 800-774-2354 and you will need your trip number: 126560353 when calling. Please be advised that we follow the same policies throughout the company and the same resolution will advised to you. Look through my profile- I have NEVER contacted with a complaint- but this time, there was a glitch.

You are not very good at your job Your loyalty has been outstanding. I really appreciate it. However, like all other companies, we are governed by our policies. I wish I can do more, but changes, cancellations and refund are really unavailable for your reservation.

You have no clue. You are causing your company to lose money with your robot like responses. I completely understand where you're coming from; however, we prioritize the accuracy of the reservation and that is why we always present a contract page or a summary page prior to booking where a customer can verify that all information are provided correctly. I truly wish I can accommodate your request.

Does it SAY on your legalese page that the description of the property is subject to change after you pay? I can certainly understand your concern and I wish that I can provide you a more favorable resolution; however, we do our best to avoid confusion during the booking process that is why we present customers with a contract page which contains all the requested details of the reservation, as well as, the terms and conditions of the reservation regarding changes and cancellation. The purpose of which is for customers to review the summary of the reservation before the final purchase. I am viewing your contract page, and I am seeing that you confirmed and agreed to all the presented information.

If it would help, I can send you a copy for your review. This is fraud and no page is going to change that. pissed consumer- here I come I am sorry if you feel that way; I truly wish we are able to provide you with the options that you are looking for. This is a bad business model.

You are willing to lose a frequent customer for life because you will not do the right thing and stand by your hotel description. I really do not know why you have a job- they should just record what you have said, because that is the only answer anyone will ever get. I understand you’re not satisfied with our policies, A; however, prior to purchase, you were asked to review your reservation, including the terms associated with cancellations or changes. When you purchased your reservation, you agreed to those terms.

I see your Chat box is still open, but I haven't heard from you in awhile. Are you still available to chat? You are terrible at your job. Hope they get smart and just replace such reps with computers, as you appear to have have no ability to process the difference between what you are explaining and what actually occurred.

It is my understanding that you are currently being assisted by one of our phone Customer Service Specialist, I am confident that they will be able to handle your issue. It has been a pleasure to chat with you today. Have a great day! Irish has disconnected.

"Brandon" was also not helpful when I called. Won't even use them again.

Review about: Priceline Room Booking.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $73.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Being lied to-description that hotel was off i-81-was wayyyy off.

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