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I made a reservation with Priceline for a hotel and accepted their negotiated price, but with travel insurance. As it happened, the trip had to be canceled. Despite the purchase of insurance, Priceline refuse to refund anything. They cite as their defense a technicality that a business conflict is not insurable (I might have known that if I read theer entire terms and conditions before agreeing, but that seems a little harsh).

Even so, I tried to call the hotel after discussing the matter with Priceline. The hotel is willing to accept the cancellation and forego their fee. The hotel manager suggested that Priceline contact him. Even so, Priceline refuses to contact the hotel or refund anything.

When I ask the Priceline representative if he would, himself, be satisfied with such service he refuses to answer my question.

Basically, after this experience I cannot recommend and will not again use Priceline.

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I just got off the phone and lost the $33 in collision damage for a car rental transaction that didn't even go through. Priceline's partnership w/ this 3rd party misleading insurance coverage company has completely wiped it off my travel sites

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In discussing my case with the hotel, I think I learned that Priceline's mark up is substantial (30% +).


The exact same thing happened to me. I will never use Priceline or any other "name your own price" service again.

The travel insurance information is misleading. I had rather pay full asking price for a room with the option to cancel.

Don't use Priceline! :(

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