Priceline Phone Numbers and Emails

Toll-Free Number:

  • (877) 477-5807
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Customer Service:

  • (203) 220-6946
    Anywhere Else
  • (800) 735-8000
  • (888) 850-3958
    For Bookings Made via
  • (646) 813-0122
    For Bookings Made via
  • (800) 774-2354
    Hotels, Rental Cars, Flights (Including Vacation Package)
  • (202) 516-7478
    Priceline Experiences
  • (877) 477-7441
    Travel Services Team
  • +44 203 027 7900
    For Bookings Made via
  • +44 203 320 2609
    For Bookings Made via


  • (888) 769-6105
    Travel Insurance


  • (203) 299-8000
    Booking Holdings


  • (203) 299-8431

Priceline Emails:

Business Customer Service
For Hotel Inquiries, For Rental Car Partnerships
Customer Service
Priceline Experiences
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App Support
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Priceline Customer Service Overview

The aggregated data is based on calls made from website and questionnaires provided by users.

  • Priceline Customer Service is rated at 1.3 out of 5. Consumers who contact the company are mostly dissatisfied. More commonly used way of contact is by phone.

    Source Distribution
    91% phone 9% email
  • The best phone number to call Priceline is 8774775807. 87% of consumers used this number to address their issues and concerns. It is also considered the best number to call, as 66% of customers reported contacting a real person successfully.

  • The average hold time is up to 3 minutes. The longest wait times are on Friday, while the shortest are on Sunday. The average call time is 3 minutes.

  • Be prepared for the call as Priceline may ask you for the following information to identify you as a customer: first and last name, phone number or email.

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How to Contact Priceline Customer Service?

Most Popular Number:

(877) 477-5807
Total calls: 23 739 Issues resolved: 673 Last call: May 26, 2024

The Priceline customer service phone number for the United States is 1-877-477-5807. Their customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you call the Priceline customer service phone number, you will be prompted to select an option from the automated menu. To speak with a customer service representative, simply wait for the prompt to say "speak to a representative" or "customer service," and then follow the instructions to connect with Priceline live agent.

Priceline Customer support doesn’t have a designated email address, however they have other means of contact. You can head to the “Contact us” section of Priceline website and reach out to them through the channels they have available such as “web chat”, text message, or phone.

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Contact Information

Priceline Website:

Priceline Help Center:

Corporate Office Address: LLC
800 Connecticut Ave.
Norwalk, Connecticut 06854
United States

Other Info (opening hours):

Additional Number:

SMS Text: 33296

More contact details


+1 (203) 299-8917

Priceline Customer Service Reviews

1.3 / 5
Amarilys Fqf
Devolución de dinero por hotel no acto para clientes

Al principio fue complicado, después solucionaron el problema.. llegue al hotel que reservar y pague en línea y el hotel no es nada de lo que dicen un las fotos es un hotel de sucio y no hay seguridad esta horrible las fotos son falsas y al llegar a mi habitación estaba otra persona eso fue lo que terminó de llenar el vaso, me fui del hotel mi seguridad no esta segura

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Does not honor “Best Fare Price”
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Priceline charged me over $50 more than the lowest found price, and even when providing them receipts, they claim the extra money was for their online company fees and would not refund it. Whats the purpose of best fare price if they dont even match a lower rate?

Customer service was terrible and rude, ending the conversation without helping me or resolving the issue. Will never be using Priceline again.

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Georgia A
Double charged for baggage and refusal to rectify error
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

On November 8th 2023 I booked a trip through Priceline, not by choice, but because they popped up as offering the cheapest fares. My transaction, made with my Apple Card was declined, so I decided to use another credit card.

My original booking included one small, checked bag each way. For some reason I was having a hard time rebooking the checked bags, so I called Spirit Air the next morning to verify my booking. That was when I was informed by Spirit that Priceline had booked me for two checked bags on my outbound flight and zero bag on my return. Spirit refused to rectify the error stating that I booked my reservations through a third part, and therefore I have to make any changes through that third party.

I was given a number to call Priceline. Priceline's automated voice transferred me back to spirit without even letting me speak to a person. This back and forth went on until I gave up.
I ended up paying another $59 to check in my return baggage. After my trip was completed I tried to have my money refunded with no success.

I have spoken to three Priceline customer service employees, all of whom live outside the United States, and have been promised that my case will be looked into and escalated. To date I have not heard from anyone from Priceline and each time I call I have to start all over again.
It's a shame that a company can be so unscrupulous! This seems like a computer generated error to me because no thinking human being will book a person with two bags going on a trip and return with no bags.

However, they refuse to take responsibility for their error. Spirit charges $59 for one checked bag and $99 for two, so I am asking Priceline to refund me the extra $49 that was charged for the so-called second bag for my outbound trip.
I am adding pictures of documentation for my original itinerary showing that Priceline booked me for 2 bags going and 0 bag coming back, my airport check-in itinerary showing that I actually checked in one bag each way, the $59 transaction I made on my Apple Card for the return checked bag and Spirit's bag pricing list.
Thank you, I hope I have stated my case clearly.

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Arrival and departure dates
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

I booked an itinerary with Priceline to arrive at the Coronado Del Sol Hotel on Monday 1/8/24 and depart on Friday 1/12/24. Due to
changes with my business meeting schedule I need to backup up my arrival to Sunday 1/7/24 and depart on Thursday 1/12/24.

I am not asking to cancel or receive a refund since it is the same number of nights and quite frankly it benefits the hotel having my room available sooner on Friday for the weekend arrivals where the rates are normally significantly higher.
I was told by the hotel to contact you and you would contact them. I do not understand why you are denying me without speaking to the hotel.
The number of nights stay has not changed and we're talking about me arriving on Sunday versus Monday. How many rooms do they even have booked on a Sunday night typically at the at the hotel? Usually rates decrease Sun-Thurs
Not to mention checking out on Thursday makes it easier to have the room available for Friday since it will not required to be cleaned on Friday.

I find it ridiculous that you're not willing to switch the days, since it is literally the same number of nights you're still getting the same number of dollars and in reality since Sundays are usually cheaper for hotel rooms you also benefit financially. I will contact the group holding the meetings with at least 50 rooms booked at this hotel, not to mention meeting rooms, bar tabs, etc, since I am a member of the board. The only reason I booked through Priceline in the first place is that I was uncertain if circumstances would allow me to make the trip and I missed the date of December 8th for the room block deadline. I am also paying more per night through Priceline than what was originally negotiated under the group rate.

Please explain your logic here, as it is totally illogical. This is my last booking with Priceline, as the cost is now irrelevant since I will be paying for a room on Friday that I will not be using.

In the world of business things change and your lack of flexibility (not even contacting the hotel) is downright ludicrous.
Paying over $2K for a hotel room for four nights and cannot get a minor reservation adjustment. Poor customer service and business model!!

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How Good is Priceline's Customer Service?

Reginae Knz
Reginae Knz
Feels Disappointed | May 24, 2024

Not good, no one to speak to at any of the contact phone numbers.

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Jovonne Nop
Jovonne Nop
Feels Satisfied | May 20, 2024

Thank you

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Tanja Seq
Tanja Seq
Feels Disappointed | May 19, 2024

I went online to book a hotel in St. George Utah, I was high jacked by I didn't even know this had happened until we were trying to checkout early from our hotel. One day early. The person at the front desk of Comfort Inn said she couldn't do anything because we book thru a 3rd party, she said to call Priceline which I did from the road because we were headed back to Arizona. When I got in touch with a representative after being on hold 23 minutes, she said she couldn't help me and transferred me to The person there a man, BARELY spoke English after asking me the name of the person at the hotel when we checked out (which we didn't have, who has that)?? And I gave hime the reservation and confirmation numbers he said he would have to transfer me. I asked him why as he worked for the company I was trying to get in touch with, when I asked him for the number he was going to transfer me to he said 022, I said there was no 022 area code in America. He was very irritating. Folks let's not play this game anymore, hire people from America and give us some respect. i will NEVER book anything from PRICELINE again, it's just a joke. We thought because we needed to get home because of a problem, that there would be some understanding and yes, I told both of these people this. So, sorry our country is going to *** IN AND HAND BASKET!!

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Gavriel Ndo
Gavriel Ndo
Feels Disappointed | Jan 24, 2024

I don't understand how you can take my funds from my account as quickly as I hit submit however my *** refund takes so long Im questioning your ability to supply proper service that produces satisfactory results. I slept in the park last night never degrees because my refund is slower than your retarted dumb *** as well. Fuckkkkkkkk price line for real

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Saeed Zra
Saeed Zra
Feels Disappointed | Jan 17, 2024

The representative was actually great but when I arrived to check in, the front desk clerk refused to rent to me because I am a local. Apparently they only rent to folk living 25 or more miles away since they only want airport business. I scrambled and found a better spot but it was nerve wracking. The clerk said this stipulation should have been advised to me by the representative

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Marquia Oyn
Marquia Oyn
Feels Disappointed | Jan 10, 2024

The rep did her best, and couldn’t reasonably expected to solve the issue- which was that after choosing an expensive flight, an instruction popped up on your website to call a third party billing agent, who turned out to be a fraudulent scammer. She said that you knew of no such agent.

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Summary of Priceline Customer Service Calls

03:01 AVG CALL

Top Reasons of Customers Calls

Consumers Call the Most From

Why Do People Call Priceline?

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “To rebook a trip that was canceled”
  • “Trip cancelation”
  • “Cancellation”

Request for Information Question:

  • “Question about price”
  • “Need help in booking”
  • “Ask questions”

Refund Question:

  • “Refund”
  • “Refund problems”
  • “Refund money”

Product/ Service Question:

  • “Trying to book a flight”
  • “To book a room”
  • “Make a reservation”

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “Discounted rate that was promised”
  • “I been charged twice in my rent insurance”
  • “I have been billed two times for my tickets”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “Reservation mistake”
  • “Change ticket name”
  • “Change flight”

Cards Question:

  • “The credit card I paid for my reservationshas been compromised fraud. I need to speak to someone to to correct correct your policies. I've been issued a new card”
  • “Need a increase on my Visa card”
  • “Agent at Lahue car picup point will not let husband pick because it was paid with my credit card”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “Because they have not got back with me about the mix up they need to pay back for a room I was refused”
  • “Where is my account?”
  • “I didn't receive the confirmation by email”

Account Question:

  • “Their still is a hold on my account and my flight still has been book, it was cancelled”
  • “Forgot my hotel”
  • “Can't log in”

Staff Question:

  • “Speak with customer service”
  • “To talk to customer service about a reservation”
  • “Customer service”

Website/ Application Question:

  • “Website not working”
  • “You changed your prices after just lowering the price yall said I'm a vip and will lower 27% but your website is NOT CONSISTENT and my family is in the lobby wet from the rainstorm please call me asap (213) 909-1935”
  • “Mobile site will not let me book”

Employment Question:

  • “Do your job”
  • “Trying to get help on becoming a pipeline vip member”
  • “To see if I could use my birth certificate and W2 form for a flight”

Other Question:

  • “New reservation”
  • “Change from king bed to two queen beds”
  • “Urgent Car Rental”


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