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Update by user May 07, 2012

Four calls to customer service, one letter to customer service Vice President, and one appeal all resulted in snobby, condescending responses that I am out of luck - so sorry Mr. Customer but there is nothing you can do about us ripping you off.

That is Priceline for you - a big scam rip off with no customer service. I am actually going to file a small claims lawsuit at my local courthouse - good luck fighting this Priceline.

Original review posted by user Apr 05, 2012

Beware: Priceline is a ripoff scam. I bid on a 4 to 5 star hotel minimum as an anniversary treat for my wife.

Priceline came back with a 3 star hotel and charged me the full bid price ($75 higher than the 3 star hotel going rate). All other travel review companies, including AAA,, TripAdvisor, etc. rate that hotel as 3 star. We didn't even stay there because we were looking for something nicer for our anniversary, but they charged us $152 anyway.

I later found out that Priceline routinely, intentionally, and illegally overinflates their hotel ratings to sell inferior rooms at higher overinflated prices, ripping off their customers.

Customer service was a joke - they are so rude, and they chuckled and practically agreed that they conduct this scam, but "it is their business". Beware: Priceline is a ripoff scam.

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Priceline is a rip off and somehow it needs to get out to the public. I rented a car through them and they charged me for 5 days rather than the 4 I needed because of one hour difference.

When I ask the rental company they would not have charged me. BEWARE


It is a scam. I just went on there to book a hotel.

I went for 3 1/2 stars since they said there was a minimum guarantee of a pool. (kids). When it said I won the hotel I checked it and there was no pool. I called their customer service which is out of the country.

They had very poor English and were simply reading from a script since they all said the same thing. According to them, the contract, which is not on the website, states that the ammenities can change. So what exactly does guaranteed ammenities mean?

Such a scam. I am going to sue them in small claims court.

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