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I bid on a 2 1/2 star hotel for the Paradise Island area. There was an express deal on their site for a $314 room at an express deal of $213.

I selected ONLY the 2 1/2 star and the Paradise Island area. On the first bid they accepted my offer but changed star rating on me for a $125 regularly listed rate for $100 bid! I called them and told them there is a mistake not in the area I wanted either or star level selected. They said they would allow me to make a new reservation but when i said I wanted to speak to someone else that person refused Sujay refused to allow the CSR to do that as initially promised as an agent of Priceline.

I told them that I would not authorize the transaction they switched on me and clearly advertised as " YOU name the price and the star rating and we'll find you a hotel. Guaranteed a great deal or $25 back." Bait and switch. I told them BEFORE the check in date that I would not be checking in to this hotel and for them not to charge me for this unauthorized transaction. They keep telling me that there is a no cancellation fee and try to say it's legal for them to do it because of some vague fine print in a separate terms and conditions policy somewhere out there not next to the initialing section.

Actually on the page where you make your selection it is completely DEVOID of any reference to a possible switcheroo. Lastly I tried to voice my distaste for their lack of customer service and they deleted all my comments on their posts on Facebook and blocked me from posting any comments.

Furthermore to prey on unknowing uneducated consumers they do not allow ANY consumer posts because they would be so numerous against them they would likely take up the whole page. This company is a complete fraud and should not continue to be allowed to conduct their shady business.

Review about: Priceline Room Booking.

Monetary Loss: $128.

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I had the same happen to me today. Their customer service is only there to tell you that unfortunately they can not help you. They are thieves.

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