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i have tried six ways from sunday to get questions answered, electonic contact is Groosly inadequete to answer ANY of my questions--- e-mail takes valuable time and is grossly tedious for a motor skill handicapped person 70 y/o veteran mamalch@hotmail. com 231-340-0313 this is 2010 however that gives no RIGHT to mechanical telephone "Operators, Nor a MINIMUM number of words to complain mine took only 47..

william shatner--- your ads/sevice grossly lacks customer support.. R.S.V.P. > priceline human.. unbelievable you want more compaint words grossly tedious unneeded,typing for a motor skill handicapped person..

""IF"" a human was available these questions could have been answered in 1/10th the time it took to write a ugly, complaint??? Priceline, PLEASE R.S.V. P.>>> A.S.P.

... michael

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