To make a long story short never used them but i did this time over Orbitz b/c it was cheaper. But now i know U get wat u pay for.

I paid $697 on a trip for 2 to San antonio grace the agent charged me 3x and overdrafted my checking account $1448 but tol me it inly wen through 1x. It had taken one week to get it squared away;and then I called back for compensation and these bastards tell me I can use a $50 voucher for as hotel that they choose and have to use by April 2012.( how the *** they kno if i will have a trip planned by then?) and they only give u $10 off per day up to $50 a night/per stay. And all they kept saying after i was on the phone nearly 90 min is sorry for the inconvience. I wanted money off my trip now or put the voucher towards a rental.

Mitch and Rick the customer service specialty(b/c its no supervisor) said that was not an option. Needless to say cheaper isnt always better and i will never use them again.

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