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Priceline cruise advertising misleading

Priceline email ad sent 1/18/2012 read "All fleets on sale! Winter cruise event, 2 for 1 fares, free air credit & more". So I clicked the link and it lead to cruises but no 2 for 1 or free air. So I chatted, they suggest I call customer service. The person on the line took 20 minutes to find the "free air" which was a credit of $100 for select cruises and only for one person per state room. And the cruise line (Royal Caribbean) charges $15 per person ($30) to book the air fare, so instead of "free air", it is $70 off for one person air. Just want them to be honest. So I asked customer service to register a complaint. They said "ok, I'll send this to them, but marketing does what marketing does." "What does marketing do?", I asked. "Well if it's not a lie, it's misleading at least." And they wasted a half an hour of my time at least to find out.
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Priceline - Bid on one flight got stuck with another

I thought I was purchsing a return flight from Miami to Jacksonville NC at 5:45 PM on Monday as we will be in Key West for my wifes birthday on Sunday. Now I am stuck with a flight that leaves Miami at 6 AM I checked with Delta and there is still room on later flight. I e-mailed "customer service" and they said that I am stuck w/ early flight. Now I will have to purchase 2- one way tickets or drive from Key West to Miami at 2 in the morning Thank you very much Priceline. BEWARE OF PRICELINE. COM
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Priceline- no customer service

Our flight was canceled so we rescheduled. We had a package deal with hotel and car. We needed to keep the rooms and car Priceline wouldn't call the hotel or rental agency to insure our late arrival would get us the rooms that were already paid for. Priceline referred us to the hotel and rental agency. They said they couldn't help because the room and car were paid for by a third party and the third party had to call. Eventually. the hotel, Quality INN and car rental, Alamo gave me the help I needed and they NOT Priceline were customer friendly.
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Priceline - Refuse to honor lower price

made a reservation for a rental car in Baltimore. After "naming my own price" and reserving for $133 for an economy car with Budget, I see the same car and agency ON PRICELINE for $122. I also saw the lower price on the Priceline iPhone app. Customer "service" said I was receiving some kind of special discount to get the $122 and it wasnt available to the general public, therefore wasnt eligible for the Pricematch. They couldnt tell me what the discount was though! Also they wont recognize the lower price on the iPhone. I've used Priceline before with no real issues. Its a lousy $11 but they will not get another $.01 of my money
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Priceline - double charged me for a room.

I used the "name your price" feature on their website. Because of a glitch on their website, in their system, whatever, I got double charged for a room. After a long frustrating episode with their "customer service" department, I was unable to get them to back out the extra charge. (for a room that I did not use) I found their customer service personnel to be very rude and non-responsive. I realize the policy of their company drives their responses. It must suck to work for such a ruthless bottom-line company. I asked my credit card company to withhold the charge and investigate. Priceline convinced my credit card company that the charge was legitimate.
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Priceline and their travel insurance is a joke

booked a flight with priceline and bought their travel insurance. I went to the airport and 2 of their stations shut down and everyone was moved to only one station. the mass of people wanting to check in caused us to miss our flight. the airline ended up rescheduling us but the travel insurance said that they dont cover it, even though their policy states trip interuption. they gave me the run around and in the end they told me to go to and ask the airline to reimburse me for my hotel. what a scam. dont book on priceline and dont buy travel insurance.
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Priceline is a scam

Priceline is a scam. Purchased several cruises on Priceline and have been a loyal customer. With the last cruise we purchased 2 balcony rooms and received "free 2 night hotel vouchers" which we tried to use. When we used it, it cost us over $140 and when we called to cancel they refused to cancel our hotel or help us. We spent several hours on the phone with them and bounced from manager to manager. Very disappointed. Will never purchase from priceline again. Lost four loyal customers that used priceline all the time. Big bonus for other travel sites as they will be getting our business, instead. Priceline is a big scam.
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Priceline Customer Care

Watch out for Pricelines new web site

I have used Priceline in the past and have been pleased with it but now that it has changed it is horrible and I will never use it again. I am used to offers being rejected and upping your price, but with the new web site they reject your offer but the next page says a hotel is willing to accept your offer for a differrent amount--much more. I did not want to accept "their" price so I tried to continue and all of a sudden was locked in to that higher rate. BEWARE. Priceline go back to your old system or you will lose lots of customers.
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That happened because you were not cautious. You did not review the contract page before submitting the request.

If only u did, there will be no problem.. :?


I agree, Priceline just went downhill. We lost money big time on their "free hotel vouchers" and priceline just told us too bad. Priceline just lost 4 lucrative customers that will never use the site again.


Their airfare name your own is very different now as well. I've been trying to name a price for months and it just won't budge.

It keeps wanting me to travel different dates which I can't and even offers me a price that is over 200.00 more than their published rate if I want to be "flexible"-I just don't get it anymore. Change it back!!

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I booked a cruise for my family in March through Priceline because they were offering a free hotel nights stay. Turns out, THEY get to pick the hotel for you....which doesn't work when you have kids that want to swim and have a family friendly hotel.......SO scrap the free hotel for spring break. Now I tried to book the "FREE" hotel stay with my "BONUS CASH" from priceline, well be prepared to PAY-because they want to charge "taxes and fees" on top of the Bonus cash. So they want $50 now for the "free" hotel stay. SCAM!!!! I called customer service which was a joke.....they do NOT apply bonus cash to taxes and even though I have $210 in bonus cash....they want me to pay an extra $50 for the taxes and fees. SCAMMMMMMMM. If I had know ANY of this, I would have booked my cruise through another company that was offering free onboard spending. DON'T USE PRICELINE!
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Had same experience with the hotel room credit. The reservation I thought I made with specific needs they promised to me, so I booked and they "dowgraded" my reservation! All the things I said I wanted not there.


Sue them in small claims court you can get damages for breach of contract and court cost.


All displayd on the Terms and Conditions when you make a reservation or you can even look on the faqs, thing is you gotta look for it.

Besides who actually pays for someone else taxes?


They have screwed us twice in the last 2 weeks!!! 2 different flights!

We even bought the trip insurance!

SOOOO PISSED!!! Where are the class action suits????

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Priceline site changed our passenger info- family vacation ruined

We filled out several pages of passenger information for our family trip to Hawaii. On the last page there was a small box that allowed you to put in an American Advantage number. My dad put in my number for his ticket since he didnt have one and without warning the reservation changed to my name! So now i had 2 tickets to Hawaii but one of them had all of his information! His birthday, age, address etc. and it his own ticket was on his credit card. The only thing for me was the first name on the ticket and Priceline refused to fix it. He wasted his vacation days and i ended up going to Hawaii alone. Priceline let us on the phone for hours! I ended up calling American myself to see if they could fix it but they said since it was bought through priceline that they had to fix it on their end, and they refused. American said that it was ridiculous that i had to call them becuase the priceline agent should have done that and also that on their website they warn you when the passenger info doesnt match the AA# that you will be changing the passenger information. Priceline should do the same thing and they should have fixed this. We even had emails from priceline saying congratulations to my dad and enjoy his vacation to Hawaii! UGH! I have sent 2 emails to priceline trying to escalate this and still have not heard back from them. NEVER USE PRICELINE
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The Priceline idea of customer service is a joke. Getting an empathetic voice to take the line for any price is an exercise in futility.

I was a long time name your own price lover but can't bring myself to use them anymore. Because in the end, you can't put a price tag on your time, vacation memories and sanity. Sooner or later you will get burned and they will not be held accountable, putting you in the travel negative all-time.

Priceline sucks! Big Deal and Bill Shattner can go die.

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